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  1. I had to come back and visit this site to see the reaction to my post and I am disappointed in the moderator and “management” of this website. If you can’t understand a member’s objection to another member promoting pimping, an illegal and immoral activity which victimizes mostly women and frequently children, then perhaps you need to do some research into law enforcement records about the true nature of these predators. Pimping is not a victimless crime. Talk to a cop about it. If after some research and reflection on your cavalier attitude toward this criminal activity you still find the
  2. The "avatar" expresses an anti-social behavior I would think an "auto club" would not only not condone, but prohibit from its website. I wanted to access your forum for info on cars, not to hear about how tough it is to be a pimp. Hey, its your website, do with it what you will. I apologize for bringing it up, I'll do my browsing elsewhere.
  3. "Pimpin' Aint Easy"?????? I believe in free speech, but I think I need to reconsider my use of this "forum" if this is the kind of negative, anti-social behavior members and administrators of this website condone, if not encourage. If this is permissible under the LOC rules then count me out!!!!!
  4. You serious Latoilette? Just realized my license plate lights are out too. Can't be that easy.
  5. You can get on the Lexus website and order one. They sent me one at no cost. Can't beat free. Good luck with the new car!
  6. I have the same problem with the right turn signal on my 94. But it comes and goes. Front and rear light bulbs work, but the thing blinks rapidly sometimes. I told the dealer about this when I test drove it. He said they checked it out and it was fine. That was a few weeks ago before I bought it, now it's mine and probably my problem. The headlight housing now has condensation in it so it may be related to that. Has anyone on this post been successfull in fixing this problem or finding the cause? By the way, what's the recommended method of clearing the condensation from the headlight?
  7. OK...Do I have to get my soldering kit out before I tackle this job?
  8. Thanks SK. I'll get the tool and give it a try. So there are only 2 screws holding in the Climate control and radio? Doesn't the trim piece below the radio have to be removed too? I think I read that somewhere else in LOC.
  9. Thanks, SK. Now I'm feeling better. Can you please advise more specifically how to remove the trim without breaking? Do they pop out easily or is there a preferred method or tool to do this? I think I read another message yesterday where someone broke the vents trying to pry them out. Thanks again. You've been very helpful to me and, I'm sure, a lot of LOC members.
  10. Hey, thanks for the info Lextech. That is a bummer though. Problem is, when you buy from a boneyard or ebay you don't know if the lights work on them either. Most if not all junkyards don't warrant electronic parts either. Sounds like I'm stuck with most of the lights out unless I want to fork over 800 bucks for new radio and A/C units. Maybe I just won't drive it at night....Buyers remorse is setting in right about now. Should have bought a car with minimal gadgets. If they ain't there they can't break.
  11. Thanks, Blake. I followed the link you sent. Now just need to figure out how to pull the vents without breaking them. It's a white beauty with only 70,000 miles on her. Looks much newer as the car is in really great condition. Original paint still shines and the leather is nice for a 10 year old.
  12. WOW, I'm new to this forum and really impressed with the information to be found here! Thanks to "SK" and "Stevie" and others I've already found answers to several questions about my newly acquired 94 ES300. I have been reading posts for about 4 hours but have not found the answer to one of my problems. Some of the button lights on the radio and A/C are out. The Lexus dealer told me I needed to replace both units at a cost of about $400 each because the bulbs are not able to be replaced individually. I hope this is not so. There must be a way to remove the face plates and replace the bul
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