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  1. Are they just as easy as the front? Do i need a special tool? turn in the rear calipers?
  2. Hey there, got your mail, thanks!! But i would love to talk to you about this. Can you E-mail me your phone number? Dont post it! lol Thanks looking forward to hearing from you
  3. Ok here we go. First off i am new to this forum! Thanks for the help. Number two I have a 2001 LS 430. I have the factory in dash 6 disc changer and tuner. I want to change it the the factory navi unit, with screen. Can it be done? Has anybody done it? If not anybody make a radio kit for it? What was involved? I have been doing installs for 16 years. Did not get any onfo about this car before bought. So i am killing my self now. Anybody got any help? thanks...E-mail at 94explorer@charter.net
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