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  1. Anything for the Lexus SC300/400 is a custom job when it comes to sound system upgrades. Even the speakers will have to be custom fit if memory serves me correctly. Whatever you do be sure you track down a reputable shop that is well known for it's custom installs (DO NOT go to the likes of Best Buy, Circuit City to get it done). I can't recommend any shops in Hawaii or San Francisco but I can tell you that the folks who generally stock JL Audio equipment (who also do installs) tend to be a cut above the rest. JL Audio requires stores to have a special license/certification to sell their equipment. Hence the reason why their list of dealers in any given area is significantly smaller than those who carry other makes.
  2. OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! That must've been scary as hell. I hope never to experience that. Did you make the news?
  3. Yup, a busted cat will cause so much back pressure that the car will run crappy. Happened to me after those morons did the worst botched exhaust job in history. The car just ran very jerky and had no balls. You will also notice that your fuel efficiency will go way down.
  4. Slowly but surely I am finding places where I can run it without having a high risk of spending a night in Jail. Just put it at 115MPH tonight. Probably the slowest speed posted but I was passing everything and then some on the highway. Even the GTO and the Porsche that were out there didn't try to catch me.
  5. 10:1 you will never get it below $4K, not unless they are about ready to ship it off to auction. You might use $4K as your opening offer though. Realistically you could probably get it for between $5 and $6K.
  6. That and you know good and well a CRX that is modded like that will have to be rebuilt about every 15-20K miles. Not unless they stripped the sucker down to the frame and invested about $20-$30K.
  7. Blitz and A'pex single catback exhausts seem to be the most readily available and will definitely give you some extra volume. However, most such as myself do a complete custom built job straight from the Y-Pipe back. Mine was done by mechanic who had to replace a horrible botch job from the previous quack who worked on it. I highly recommend using the magnaflow catalytic converters and 2.25" piping all of the way back. Increased HP and Gas Mileage all in one. Pair that with either a K&N drop in air filter or the BFI Intake and you are talking about one loud and fast moving machine.
  8. Depends which soundsystem you have (Nakamichi or Pioneer). Unfortunately your options with either unit are very limited and they usually cost far more than they are worth.
  9. I concur that if you are really concerned about sound you should just plan on replacing the system. Regardless of how nice of a stock system the SC comes with, the fact of the matter is that it is still a 7-9 year old piece of audio equipment. Even nice aftermarket setups aren't worth much at that age. If you are an audio enthusiast such as myself and prefer your music at a moderate to loud volume, then definitely plan on replacing the stock system. For what they are, they are great but they just aren't built for the kind of abuse that people such as myself throw at them. As for the rest of it, I can't be sure but it seems to me that most of the 4.0 V-8 parts need to come through Lexus rather than Toyota. If anyone can confirm this then please let me know. The SC400 also is limited to the automatic tranny and will almost certainly need an aftermarket torque converter if you really want that sucker to move quickly off the line. Just something to think about. I personally think that the 5 speed manual SC300 is the best buy of the older SC cars, but that's just me. As for the twin turbo SC400 smoking the NSX, to my knowledge the owner swapped out the 4.0 V-8 with the TT Supra engine. If you are going to do the swap, it still would probably be more economical to do that with the 300.
  10. Smart move. Pretty much anything for the Lexus is a custom fab replacement as there aren't any install kits for it. The good news is that once it is done, no more worries. I recently went through this when I replaced my headunit. You CANNOT continue to use the amp as mixing it with a solid aftermarket amplified deck only creates problems and will burn out either the amp or the speakers. You can use the stock speakers with an aftermarket headunit although they won't give off anywhere near the kind of sound that a good set of aftermarket speakers will. If I were keeping my SC I would replace all of the stock speakers that I currently have hooked up to my DXZ675USB Clarion deck but since I'm selling the thing there isn't much point in that.
  11. Well it's all done and even though it was expensive it was still quite a bit cheaper than if I had redone the whole thing as the stock system. Magnaflow cats front and back and 2.25" Y-pipe. It doesn't sound like a blitz or apex exhaust but when you rev the engine you can definitely hear that it has more balls to it. F'n retards who did the original install job really had that thing screwed up. They cut the front catalytic converter and welded a y plate to it and then bolted the sob STRAIGHT TO THE EXHAUST HEADERS!!!!!!!!!!!! :chairshot: Even I know that the nearest a cat should be is right under the front passenger seat.
  12. Pretty much the whole thing has to be redone. It will have two magnaflow cats on it when all is said and done.
  13. Nope, it is the stock height it's just the angle of the pics. As for enjoying the Lexus, unfortunately it looks like I won't get to. I will probably be getting rid of it in the next couple of months. The maintenance on this thing is just too much for me. A botched Exhaust job (done by some quack prior to the purchase of the vehicle and of course there is no warranty on the vehicle) has me replacing the entire exhuast system, which I really can't afford.:cries:
  14. No such thing as an "easy switch" with anything related to the Lexus Sound systems. To my knowledge you should be able to access them after removing the back seat.
  15. Most seem to recommend the BFI anyways, so you might as well look into that and find a good shop to do it if you aren't going to do it yourself.
  16. Gotcha. I will try to get a more comprehensive look at the exhaust system. I believe it is a single magnaflow cat. Beyond that it is the stock CAI with a drop in K&N Filter.
  17. Which one will give me the most for performance?
  18. I'll take this as a no then? Okay, what are available for single exhausts then? After looking more carefully it looks like it is just a single magnaflow cat that is under the car.
  19. That's great since the front struts are what needs to be replaced on my car. I wonder why the huge disparity in price. Maybe the newer ones are made in China versus Japan.
  20. I sure hope you are right on this as it will save me a bit when I replace the front struts in a few months. BTW is there any difference between the SC300 and the SC400 as far as the struts are concerned?
  21. The speakers are better built, but even after 12 years the best car audio equipment tends to go south. The head unit, amps and speakers are all different. No way the regular speakers could handle all of that extra power.
  22. I know that this is an old post, but I couldn't agree with you more. I will take my '95 SC300 over the looks of that 430 ANY DAY.
  23. Good to know. I am going to be in the same boat in the next few months as my front struts have just started leaking and will need to be replaced. I assume that this would also apply for the '95.
  24. Been looking around and I can't really seem to find a solid selection of parts in this department. I have seen an A'Pex single exhaust but I would prefer to keep it dual. I saw a borla around a couple of days ago but can't seem to find it now. Any other suggestions?
  25. Any idea how much the thing leaks? I would personally not use anything less than 10W40 on an engine with that many miles. I partial to the Castrol Synthetic Oil myself. Even the heaviest Mobil 1 Synthetic Oil goes through all of the vehicles that I have tried.
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