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  1. Misshap

    Not to mention, there's a bunch on ebay as well, just search "ls430 mirror" - I just checked and there's 40+. I can't even imagine how much this would cost to buy OEM from the dealer...
  2. Nav Unit Not Responding

    I agree, the voice command on my 04 LS430 is so imprecise as to be completely useless. I'd rather just use the buttons for things.
  3. Premium Gas Only

    I only use 94 octane, and it makes my 2004 ls430 more responsive.
  4. Trunk Lid Support Struts For '03 Ls430 Needed

    So what's the answer here? Is it supposed to rise when you open it? I have a 2004 LS 430, and the trunk when released just sits there. The trunk does seem to stay open, but I'm kind of surprised that the Lexus folks wouldn't have made it auto-open (self-closing doors to wit)...
  5. Ls430 Front Ashtray Replacement

    Well, thanks for speaking up now! It cost me much less than dealer cost to get it from Sewell, but shipping killed me (I'm in Canada).
  6. Ls430 Front Ashtray Replacement

    Okay everyone, I got mine yesterday and installed it last night in about 10 minutes. Easy job (if you are comfortable working with car interiors). Basically, you start by removing the lowest panel on the dash console (the one with the seat warmers). This pulls straight out - I found it easiest to get out by slightly opening the sliding tray above it and putting my fingers under to slowing pry it out. This can then be over on the driver's side (no need to unattach cable). You can now unscrew the shifter knob. Thereafter, the lower level (big flat part) just unsnaps out (held in place in the corners). From there, the rest is obvious (but note the removal of the cover on the slider of the ashtray unit - you'll see what I mean). The rule of thumb is don't force anything too hard (it should come out fairly easy), and always use an electrical-tape wrapped screwdriver if you have to (gently) pry into tight corners. I am so glad I did this, that ashtray before was just wasted space. Now I have a spot for glasses, cards, cellphone, etc. A great mod, highly recommended! :D
  7. Ls430 Front Ashtray Replacement

    For anyone who's following this thread, I found the link to the part on Sewell: http://www.lexus-parts.com/parts_detail.as...47562&all=Y
  8. I have an LS430, and I just can't believe that there isn't a "mute" key for the audio system. Often, when I want to hear what someone is saying, I like to be able to mute the stereo, but then have it go back to the level it was at immediately. Every crappy aftermarket system I've ever had in my previous cars had this feature, I can't believe that my Lexus doesn't have it. Is there a hidden trick to get a mute key?
  9. Ls430 Front Ashtray Replacement

    Thanks for the links! That lexuspartsmall looks cool! I guess I describe what I am looking for incorrectly, I already have the lighter and ashtray - I want to convert to the felt-lined box that also has a power outlet. Looks something like this (bad picture from a gross eBay auction):
  10. A few months ago, I remember reading a forum thread (I think it was on this site) about people who were replacing their front lighter (the one under the little door that opens when you push on it) with a storage box with cigarette lighter. I've been looking to try to find this thread but with no success. I want to read about how this was done, and also find out the part number of the console replacement box. If someone can find me the thread, I'd be most grateful!
  11. That's not actually correct, the LS430 seats contain Peltier coolers, in its time it was the only Lexus with actively cooled seats.
  12. Best Mod For $120

    Interesting, what's the part number on the sway bar???
  13. Hello, I have a 2004 LS430, and cannot find a way to enter names and numbers MANUALLY into the phone book (my phone does not transfer contacts well - numbers come out as +1||||||||||||||||||||||||||| - literally). Is this feature not present? Makes little sense to me that it's not available. If someone knows how to do this, please post.