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  1. Recently switched from LG standard phone to a Motorola DroidX. Bluetooth connection is simple, but the phonebook will not copy down to the system. Indications are that the transfer is taking place, but then a "transfer failed" message comes up and no contacts have been moved across. Anyone else experiencing anything like this?
  2. My 2010 460L has about i/3 the door opener range that my 2007 460L and my 2003 430 had. Best range is now about 125 feet.
  3. If I recall correctly, my 2010 owners manual explains that if the "Hold" feature is engaged for more than 3 minutes, the parking brake is set in order to prevent overheating of the solenoid that applies the hold pressure to the brakes. By engaging the parking brake, they can release the solenoid and prevent burn out. Makes sense.
  4. Guess what, Lexus informs me that the problem is normal, they all do it. No remediation in order. Go figure.
  5. Make sure you have a fresh spare on hand, you're in a world of hurt if the battery goes bad. You may have to go to Radio Shack to get this battery, it isn't common in the places you usually see the quarter sized batteries.
  6. Wondering if any similar problems have shown up on equivalent vehicles. 2010 LS 460L AWD, I have an interesting problem that Lexus has witnessed, but not solved. It is repeatable and is experienced in both right and left turns. When starting from a dead stop with the steering wheel at full lock, as it would be exiting a driveway, the wheels stick in that position upon acceleration. This sticking is enough that unless you grab the wheel and help it straighten out, you will likely turn 130 or more degrees before the wheels are straight. In order for the problem to be at it's worst, the wheels have to be turned to lock while the car is rolling to a stop. It happens whether you back up, as out of a line of parked cars in a parking lot, or pull up to a full turn situation. It seems to be ok if you start out slowly enough, but any normal acceleration, or rapid as when entering a line of traffic quickly, will show the problem. I have had the recall done for the centering of the wheel, but that was never a problem and made no difference in the symptoms. Car has been checked for dead animals between the belly pan and the steering linkage. Feels, very much, like insufficient caster. And the car has done it since it was new, 7000 miles ago. Do I have the only one?
  7. Interesting thread. I have 212 Black on my 460 and had the same reservations expressed here. My dealer built a knock your socks off carwash for his and his customers' use. He uses it on brand new black cars and there are NO marks on the cars. My 460 shows NO ill effects from the wash and I am a convert. I will not use any other wash because I don't know how clean their cloths are and don't know how much fresh water they use or how well their filters are working. The coffee and cookies are good, the rest rooms clean and the dog is welcome. The end of the line area is staffed with a half dozen guys with no rings, belt buckles or zippers to mark the car and they do the inside as well, clean the windows and dry the whole thing and you're out in less than 10 minutes. Your concerns are legitimate and many cars have lost the mile deep gloss that makes black so nice looking because they went to a car wash running on a shoestring. One thing to remember when you wash it a home, try drying it with your leaf blower if it is strong enough. This will really help keep the micro-fine marks out of your paint and preserve the depth of your shine.
  8. I have used the Porter Cable unit for a number of years on 2002 LS430 and 2007 460L, both black. Great tool, even bought one for my son-in=law for his LX450 Black and his Lund, also black. The machine will do all you could ask of it and with a few different backing plates and a housing for dust removal it makes a terrific sander. This sanding duty will help justify it to the lady of the house and she will even like using the polishing gear on her kitchen counters and stainless sink. The Porter Cable won't get you into trouble.
  9. My dealer installed new Michelins on my 460L because he was dissatisfied with the ride and performance of the Dunlops that came on it. This was at 13K mi this last winter. The new tires are Pilot HX MXM4 in size XSE P235/50 ZR18 97W M+S. These tires are superb; silent, great snow performance, good handling and smooth as silk. I don't care about tread life as long as I have smooth, quiet dependable traction at speeds usually between 65 and 80 with an occasional irresponsible burst to 3 figures. You want to insist on having the tires balanced on a balancer like a Hunter with the optional load roller. This balancer will match the low spot on your rim with the high spot on your tire and it does make a difference! I had Bridgestone Turenzas on my 430 and liked them, but I think these may actually be better, but who knows?
  10. OK, let's see if I have this right. to OPEN the trunk with the car not running. 1. use the key fob, or 2. use goldplater's pad over the license plate, or 3. push the button on the dashboard or 4. use the key in the cylinder to the right of Goldplaters pad. To CLOSE the trunk, 1. push the utoon inside the trunk lid, or 2. do it manually. With the glove box located lockout engaged, only the key will open it?
  11. Smart enough to not learn to cook sitting on the john or double post. You're taking the wrong classes.
  12. There should be a trigger underneath the trim above the license plate that will open the trunk, and there should be a button on the trim inside the trunk lid to close it. Are you sure about this button above the license plate, beneath the trim? I've been looking for it for 3 months and STILL can't find it!
  13. Well, my problem is solved. Due to some highway debris (a long story in itself) I had to have both headlamp assemblies replaced with new ones. The new ones are just what I had wanted. No dark band between the highs and lows and the dealer didn't even have to adjust them. Powering up the new assemblies made them "cage" and they've been great since. I will say that at about $600 for each side I thought I was being taken - until I saw the assemblies themselves. There are several servos, a computer or two and probably 50 or more parts in each one. I'd hate to make them for the price they sell for. In any event, they do work. The lights are a bear to get to and there is a 2hr flatrate just to get to where they can be romoved. I would think that before long, a firmware change or something will be available to correct those lamps that don't seem well directed.
  14. I have taken a few months vacation from this site with the full understanding that the sanctimonious support of the Lexus "perfection" would continue. I see it has. I now have 14K mi on the 460L and while it's OK, it's no 430. The trunk still won't close with the remote or the dash button, but wording on the hype for the 600h implies that it will close with eitherif I just put in another $40 or$50K. The nav package is still as aggrevating as ever, but I do have a solution!!!!!! I bought a Tomtom 920 and it doesn't know how dangerous it has made us. My wife can use it as I drive and we can do phone calls, POI searches and everything. Of course we are risking our lives by her not helping me drive. Next I will have to run into SAMs and get one of those rear cameras that I will connect to the directionals so that I can see my blind spot when I signal for turns or lane changes. Then I can hire a Lexus geek to give me a remote start like every other car has available. What to you want for $80 grand, perfection? '