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  1. Anyone in Conn or NY will do...... :whistles:
  2. It's time to schedule a timing belt/water pump (90K) service on my 2000 LS 400. Don't want just any monkey at the dealership doing the work. Any recommendations for a good wrench ?
  3. I may hold off and replace it at the 90K service mark. Messy job anyway i've heard.
  4. Thanks Bro, I'll look for it this weekend. Who knew it was on the "passenger" side ??
  5. My car has 70K and i thought i'd change out the fuel filter but could'nt find it !! I have a MY 2000 and i checked behind the splash guard in front of the left rear wheel.....not there (as with older models). Any ideas ???
  6. SHA4000...... your the man !!! This forum rocks. The project continues.
  7. I'm doing a radiator coolant flush via the DIY tutorial off this site which is based on a MY91 LS400. My car is a 2000 LS400 so it is (radiator coolant fill bolt/plug) not in the same place. I've done a search and apparently it's on the throttle body(?) Can anyone post a pic or give me a landmark as i'm working blind here w/o a descent manual. Thanks guys.
  8. Thanks "agent 99"..........exactly the info i needed. Will probably go with an 80-90W here in Connecticut. i'm assuming using synthetic in the Lexus differential is ok ?? (provided it is GL-5 rated)
  9. Come on boys....16 views and no answers!! What say you wise DIY sages ???
  10. What type is preferred ?? Is there a superior aftermarket fluid or stick to the OEM fill ?? My car has 52K and i don't think it's ever been changed.
  11. Is there a good OEM on-line source for parts like a/c filter, PCV and air filter??
  12. One of those remote car starters would be nice. It's cold up here in the Northeast!!
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