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  1. I think the site is: That is cool; I should have known someone would have a site like that above. :D
  2. I am just curious if anyone else has had the occasion where they have had to drive a long period when the gas gage was on "empty" and the yellow indicator was on. I cannot speak for others, but I know that on my Lexus Rx330 that I can get at least 28 miles--even if the gage says empty. My husband and I had to switch cars one day. He drove mine to work, but he had forgotten to stop for gas... to make a long story short, he noticed the empty on the gas gage but kept driving. It probably is a good thing that I was not in the car because I probably would have freaked out and would have gone postal on him. :P In any event, he drove 28 miles driving on "empty" and probably could have driven a few more miles. Of course I would not recommend driving on "empty," but I thought it might be interesting to "see" if anyone else had a similar experience. On a local morning radio show, a DJ drove her Toyota Landcruiser 40+ miles on "empty" before it completely stopped.
  3. I can tell you that for the most part, unless you can find a high-end locksmith who has a specialized computer and can reset your car remote and your reset the computer in your car, you will most likely not be able to reprogram the remote yourself. In addition, many Lexus dealerships will NOT program a Lexus key that you did not buy via Lexus. If you are lucky and you have a nice dealer, they may reprogram your key and car. The service fees, if they agree to program the key you bought off ebay, will be anywhere from $59.00+: depends on the dealer. If you have a duplicate master made and the code reset via Lexus, it will run you any where from $280+. GL!
  4. Hello, I was wondering if anyone else has had this kind of experience with their Rx330. Last saturday, when cranking up the car, the engine didn't crank. It made a clicking noise like when someone has a problem with their starter. I cranked it again, and it cranked up fine the second time. To make a long story short, my husband thought that it could be a battery problem so we charged the battery with a charger for about an hour and then didn't have any further problems starting up the car. Then today, I put the key in that position where the car is not completely off, but one can play the radio, etc. (I have never had issues with the radio while the car was "off.") So, I'm in my car listening to the radio and then I notice that the radio starts crackling like when one is losing a signal. So I thought it might just be that one station so I changed it to a few stations... they were all like that. I turned the engine back on and the radio worked fine. Anyone have any ideas? Could it be that my battery is having problems and needs to be replaced? Thanks in advance. -Harley
  5. Sorry, let me clarify. My husband slammed on the break pedal because someone cut us off. The pedal went all the way to the floor board, but the car did not seem like it was trying to stop. It only tried to stop a full second or so after he stepped on the break pedal.
  6. Has anyone had an experience where they've had to slam on their brakes, and the break pad goes all the way down but the break does not engage until literally a second later? It's never happened to my husband or me until yesterday. We could not replicate it aftewards. I was just curious if anyone else had had that experience.
  7. Wow... my driver side seatbelt does not retract properly when my husband drives my car and half the time, he ends up slamming the door on the seat belt too. It never happens to me, but it happens to him constantly. I should ask Lexus to look at that. By the way, just a curious question to those who are having similar problems? Are you small, medium, or large framed? I'm a small-medium sized framed female while my husband is a large framed man, and as I stated, only he seems to have the seatbelt problem between us. Sometimes, the seatbelt almost chokes him after he buckles his belt.
  8. Wow, Philly RX, you are a nice husband! I am married, and I can tell you that my husband would be like, "Excoise me? We bought this car because you wanted it and now you want MY car?!" So I give you props for being patient with your wife. As for the white RX330... who cares what other people may think? While it is true that most RX330s are driven by women, if you like the feel of the car... so what? Most of the people probably eye-ballin' ya probably can't even afford a Lexus. Elitist? Perhaps, but probably true. ;) So boo on them. So you just keep on keepin' on! :D
  9. Wow... I'm sorry to hear of all the problems that some of you have had with your Rx 330s. Personally speaking? I love my Rx330 and have not noticed a huge number of problems or issues. Because I like the overall feel and the way the car drives, I have few complaints. True, the throttle does hesitate just a bit when doing a non gradual speed increase, but I have become accustomed to the fact that car will hesitate a bit at times and have learned to drive with its idiosyncrasies. My basic philosophy is that no matter what car one gets, there is bound to be some issues with any car... good luck to those of you who have chosen other cars.
  10. Is there anyway that one can disable that intro screen when one first cranks up the car on the navigational screen? It is SOO annoying to have to press the button that states that you understand not to use the navigational system while driving, etc. Thanks.
  11. This issue may have been addressed at another time, but I could not find exactly what I was looking for in the forum. Just recently, my husband and I noticed that when the windows down and accelerating above 40 mph, we hear a loud, almost deafening thumping noise from the back of the car. The closest thing I can describe it is like the propellers on a helicopter when they are rotating. (The car has almost 7000 miles on it). The noise cannot be heard when the windows are up. Only when one or more windows are rolled down. In addition, from the outside, nothing can be heard. My husband and I did an experiment where he stood on the side of the road and I drove past him at 45 mph to see if he could hear anything out of the ordinary. He heard nothing strange. Any ideas? Of course I'm going to call my dealer about it, but just wanted to touch base with the forum "experts" before I did. Thanks in advance. -Harley
  12. Hey, Kevin, Well, when my Lexus service manager finally saw that Lexus had released a TB, he ordered the part and when I took my car in a week or so later, the part was there. After the unit was replaced, I've had no further problems with the trunk release. :D Be persistent. I had to be until the service manager finally saw the TB for himself. If your Lexus service manager still insists he doesn't know what you're talking about, try another Lexus dealer until you find one who knows what you are talking about. Good luck! I also agree that this forum rox! B) Harley
  13. There has finally been an officially TB released by Lexus. So, if Lexus service departments should know about it the part replacement now. Just FYI. My Lexus dealer has ordered me a new part. Thanks to all that replied. Your assistance is appreciated. :D
  14. Sorry that my posting is really not related to how to install the new CD, but... When my husband first mentioned that he thought we should get the navigation system in our car, I kind of poo poo'ed it saying, "it's a lot of money. We really don't need it..." Well, he convinced me otherwise and we ended up getting the naviation system. OMG... I was SOOO wrong. I LOVE having it now. Get it if you can. It definitely, in my opinion, is worth the money. Even if your particular location is not on the map, we've had great success coming within 100 yards of where we wanted to go. The only thing we don't like about the navigation system is the fact that it won't let you plug in information if you are moving... understandable since Lexus does not want to be liable for accidents, etc... but it really is inconvenient when you have a passenger who can plug in info, etc. Other than that, I absolutely LOVE my navigation system. :D
  15. I have a Rx330 and am happy with it, but here are some pics of the rx400h. ;)*
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