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  1. if it's the same as my 92 then the low side is right by the compressor. it's right off the manifold that bolts up to the compressor itself.
  2. with a little search on this forum i saw a few threads about ignition coil. well guess was the coil. good part is the car needed a tune up the car really hauls !Removed!. hope someone reads this thread in the future and it may help someone else out. thanks!
  3. at idle the car runs perfectly fine. when i try to rev it at idle it goes up to around 1K and then the tach falls if i try to rev it farther. after i release the gas the tach bounces back up to the idle speed. i did the tune up and that didn't solve anything. now when driving...if i step on the gas hard it doesn't feel like there's any power. if i lightly hit the gas and pretty much stay below that 1K mark then it drives fine...slow but fine. i can pretty much rev the car at idle w/o a problem but the tach is pegged at 0. i've replaced the caps, rotors, plugs, air filter, the TB looks clean, also replaced the MAF. what else can it be? there's a faint gas smell in the exhaust but i'm thinking it doesn't smell THAT bad. oh and when i pulled the plugs one plug was wet with gas. this also started when the recent cold snap in NYC. what else can it be? timing belt slip? it looks ok when i took the upper covers off coils? TPS? the car is a 92 SC400 i hate to give up on this car. any suggestions? Thanks for reading. any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. this should do it....FWIW i didn't remove the upper arm..just unbolted the lower strut bracket so the alignment didn't go out that badly.
  5. check out this link...not sure if that's your problem...but it's worth a shot.
  6. how much for the fog lights and the high beam lights (2 inner lights in the bumper)? if the side skirt is not spoken for i'm interested in that also. thanks!
  7. 8J5 should be the paint code. i thought it was called Midnight Indigo Pearl Clearcoat
  8. nice pool...what area of CT? i'll make sure to bring a bullet proof vest or something.
  10. I've replaced the windshields in both my SC's, I found that the PPG had a good amount of distortion on the pass side and was very unhappy with it. The factory windshield is pricey but the quality will of course be oem, there are good aftermarket replacements though. Also, you should know that a claim on a windshield can actually be considered a full claim as if it were some type of an accident....your ins company might put it on your record as an incident, which will not have a big impact but can raise the amount of your policy if you have another 'incident.' Seems stupid but that's the case. hmmm strange..i had 3 PPG windshields installed (different cars) and they all seem to be fine.
  11. shop up some local glass/windshield places. personally i get PPG windshields. cheaper windshields have distortion in the glass...ripples/waves.
  12. some of the page loosely translated...VERY loosely translated.... (this if from the top part) There are times when early it ends. There is no automatic operation and extension. Overseas it does not dispatch. (Seller will not ship internationally. ) (from the description) It is the spoiler for the JZZ30,31 sailplane. Because you do not open the hole for installation, when installing, please process. Furthermore, because, the knowledge for installation is necessary in installation, we recommend that you ask to the shop and the sheet metal painter can do installation etc. which. (You install and the instruction manual and the like has not belonged. ) In addition, you receive returns such as inferior goods, but "installation is difficult", and so on to question, because we have not accepted altogether in regard to the returns by the circumstances of the fish customer, please, acknowledgement. The commodity is the white gel coat finish of FRP. As for paint it is not done. We receive the payment on delivery dispatch with Sakawa emergency flight. The arrival time commodity you can pay with the cash or credit card, but each one "generation pulling commission" catches separately. << Note >> other way, the postage (and, in case of generation pulling desire, generation pulling commission) depends on the commodity. As for postage generation pulling commission and the like, if address (OK), to inform can receive the desired commodity and the like with just prefectural name, we answer. However, after before the auction ending, cutting 1 day, when answering is not in time, being to be please acknowledge in question. In addition, it seems that it cannot write on the page of Q&A please communicate the question and the like which is packed, directly to The person who are written your own mail address on the page of Q&A, is and others the っ plain gauze is, but if name and address etc. are not written, our company basically, has answered to all questions in release. Address, please be sure to communicate the person who would not like to be released, to the mail of our company directly. Depending upon address release, whatever there being damage, because at our company it is unable to owe responsibility, we ask may. Dispatch of the commodity becomes from Chiba prefecture Matsudo city. Furthermore, if the time to Monday, payment verification (or, generation pulling decision) can do commodity dispatch day, normally, if dispatch of Wednesday, to Wednesday, payment verification (or, generation pulling decision) is possible, Saturday dispatch, with it has become the schedule which is said. Because main business is the wholesaler, sunrise load job other than that is not possible. There is no excuse, but the one which you hurry successful bid modesty. In addition, because of the big commodity, you appointing delivery timewise, it reaches with it does not limit according to time. Because of that at our company, basically we refuse time appointment. Please acknowledge.
  13. yeah i thought the same thing on the spolier issue. weird.
  14. so basically if you get eibachs for a supra it will drop the car even more?...not eibachs for SC..correct?
  15. mikee72 and sadistic - so true. i can't believe the amount of crap and garbage that's out there. at least the crap kits are keeping the body shops busy. it takes so much more time of working w/ the fiberglass to get it to look right because the part is a POS. in the end getting a right fitting part would've solved the problem and it would probably even look better.
  16. sounds like a good price for a small drop. thanks for the info
  17. the spark will travel to the electrode w/ the least resistance. so it will fire only once...even though it has 4 electrodes...this is on a stock ign system i'm referring to. I prefer NGK/Denso on plugs with japanese cars...but it's up to you on what you decide to use.
  18. i think the demand is there...only problem is that you're not the only game in town. so there might be a bit of price differences for various parts.
  19. i tried ordering from them and they called me and said the books are on backorder. told me 4-6 weeks for them to get it. it's been a while and i haven't seen or heard from them.
  20. is it as simple as pulling the needle out and pushing a new/replacement one in? i'm reading on CL that there are other stuff in there and etc. how do u calbrate the needle once it's out. does it just go in 1 one position?
  21. this should explain the 'cutoff' for others. The cutoff line is the horizontal line where the beam turns from fully illuminated to almost darkness. If headlights are aimed correctly, the cutoff line should be within 50-100m in front of the car. The cutoff band is the area around the cutoff line that can contain various colors. These are the beautiful colors that you see when looking at projector lights from a distance.
  22. niceeeeeee...i hope the car didn't go into the body shop w/ those rims on.
  23. i'm interested in this piece..let me know how much you want for it. thanks!
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