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  1. Please PM me with full details about price and or shipping arrangements and if you could possibly get me some pics it would be great. Thanks for your quick response. Let me know.
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  3. Hope this isn't comment abuse, but this forum directs you to a higher temp range lcd replacement for about $160.00, only thing is you have to replace it in the climate control unit yourself, tutorial is included on how to do this. Thought it was rather intresting. Link to tutorial and LCD replacement screen information. Link directly to place to order replacement LCD screen. Hope this helps and sorry if it ends up being a double post.
  4. Looking for throttle position sensor and master driver window switch along with driver's front window motor and regulator. Also, the following: Engine Knock Sensors, Climate control unit, and drivers seat. Please let me know availability and condition. Thanks! Edit: Also, drivers front door handle (exterior)