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  1. Mechanic asking $500 for reman. I found on ebay bosch alternator for under $100. Autozone have for $170. Anybody with alternator experience?
  2. Oops, Im sorry, we kinda switch from topic caption.
  3. Wow, mine is '92 and is driving smooth, better than my accord '02. I do heave leaking (tomorrow is service), can't be more than $1000 to fix, but still, lex is mooooving well, Im even thinking to invest in new one.
  4. Well, mine is 74K and leaking all way around HAhHAhahhahaHhaha
  5. Well, this is funny. I went to dealer to check for extended coverage that I purchase. Instead of Gold and 3 years/36.000 miles that I was told on day when contract is signed I have Bronze and 6 months coverage. Answer: "Sorry, our mistake, '92 can not be covered more than 6 months" Now, I can cancel extended warranty, but $1700 will be returned to bank and I will endup paying same monthly payment but for about 5 months less. Crazy world.
  6. What deal to cancel? Extended warranty? I don't think I can return the car. I think I will cancel warranty anyhow. One more qusetion, should I go to lexus or toyota service or any mechanic can fix that? Anybody know good mechanic in Phoenix area? Thank You.
  7. Oops, still alive Anyhow, I call MPP and Power Steering is not covered I have only bronze coverage and for $1700 Im not sure I want to keep it (still in 30 days cancelartion period).
  8. I purchase ES 300 (74k) month ago with extended 36K miles warranty ($100 deductible). In last week something is leaking. To me is engine coolant (taste same). I went to replace oil and filter and ask them to take a look. This is what I get back: 74925 JAD3183/CA4127 Performed 31 PT Inspection recommend tranny flush, wiper inserts, front and rear struts recommend fuel filter, injector flush, top engine decarb, throttle body service-if not done in last 15K miles power steering leak-bad, valve cover leak, tranny pan gasket leak, and maybe more but engine needs cleaning to better diagnose leaks
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