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  1. Ok, NTB did the last differential service(transfer case). Still have the loud noise. Can't hear it from the outside (listening with the windows down on the highway). Only hear it from the inside. Any other ideas? Thanks, roversii
  2. Thanks jimsmith1370. The folks at NTB serviced the front and rear differentials (not the middle one yet) and checked out the u-joints. The u-joints were fine. Sound is still there. Any other ideas? roversii
  3. Hi, I have a '97 LX450 with close to 200K miles. Between 55mph and 80mph I have a loud rumbling sound (like a bad muffler, but the whole exhaust system is fine and the tires were recently aligned during the last oil change). It stops when I coast. It is at its worst when I am running at a constant speed. It is at its maximum level between 65 and 75mph and I can also feel it in the car but seems to subside as I hit 80mph. When I am accelerating or going up a hill it is reduced, but doesn't go away totally. Any thoughts? Differential? Something else? Thanks, roversii
  4. Problem solved! When installing the a/c compressor, the mechanic broke the wire to the oil pressure gauge. Spliced a new wire into it and everything worked!
  5. Just had a new a/c compressor put in my 97 LX450. My wife drove the car home (about 20 miles, in the rain). When asked about the a/c, she said it worked fine. HOWEVER, she said the oil pressure gauge never moved from its lowest point! The engine didn't overheat or seize up. I drove it about a mile after it had cooled down and saw the oil pressure gauge pegged at its lowpoint. Any thoughts about what could have happened? I'm inclined to say it was a coincidence and buy a new oil pressure switch (and hoping I don't need a new oil pump). Is there a way to diagnose this? What are the steps to install a new switch? Thanks, Dave 97 LX450
  6. The plastic coolant reservoir bottle has some notches (kind of like tracks) molded into it on the front side, that slide down into the mounting bracket. Remove the overflow/feeder hose, then grab the bottle along the bottom and pull it upwards, and it will come out. Regards, Rookie Thanks very much, Rookie! Worked great! -Roversii
  7. I have a 97 LX450. I had no problem replacing the headlight bulb on the driver's side. On the passenger side, however, there is a plastic container that feeds into the radiator which is attached to the interior headlight housing. The bulb is not reachable unless this container is removed. Does anyone know how it is attached? It looks like it might just snap on to a metal fastener, but I don't want to pull too hard on it unless I know it will pop off. Thanks!