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  1. Hey All, I'm in need of an sc400 gear shift, preferably with the leather intact and in good condition. Mine is worn down to the plastic and is terrible to look at. Also looking for a steering wheel in good condition, 97+ tail lights (passengers side or both), radio and climate control. Finally getting around to fixing my girl, just ordered espelirs and tokico blues and rims coming in soon, and want to get everything else looking halfways decent. Thanks! Mike :D
  2. In Austin, Texas snow is very rare. When it does snow the only safe place is off the roads totally!!! Way too many yahoos in pickups that think the snow means go fast and have fun sliding around. Then you got a story to tell..... At any rate, I am in aline with your last line, put the old ones on back to burn them up faster. Thanks for the input. Flashjet :D ← Makes sense to burn them up in the rear. It's probably the same thing i would do, but if you're in Florida or somewhere where it rains everyday, I would definitely put them in the back. I notice a big difference when m
  3. I just replaced 2 tires as well but I had them placed on the rear. Good example, My friend was driving his sc in the rain merging from the ramp to the highway driving about 40mph and the back end came out, car hydroplaned and flipped after it hit the median which they had to total out. He later found out that the place that replaced his tires placed the new tires on the front instead of the back. He said the older tires still had tread left but I guess not enough tread. He also mentioned that in florida if you only get 2 new tires for a rear wheel drive car they're supposed to put them on
  4. On the front of the engine I just see one plug. Normally, you have a coolant reserve and a radiator cap. I don't see a radiator cap but I what I think I see is the coolant reserve cap. I mean its pretty full but the light still is on. Does anyone know where the filler plug is? This is really starting to get annoying. Thanks for the help jizz30. So far I noticed it turns on and off on and off sorta like every 20 minutes etc. I don't think it is the thermostat because I'm not overheating. Any ideas? ← If I recall correctly, that light (if your engine has been replaced and everything)
  5. Hey all The other day while waiting in the drive thru for my food. I heard this loud *pop* that scared the crap out of me. I thought it was a bird that hit my window (cuz the birds do that here in FL) or maybe someone had thrown a rock at my window, but low and behold my window regulator went out. Not sure if anyone has replaced this yet, but was wondering if anyone knew how to remove the window from the regulator assembly? I'm guessing it's the bolt with the 4 funny holes, but just wanted to confirm before I start hacking away at it. Thanks for any info.
  6. I think the Lexus SC4 or 3 would be a great choice if you can responsibly learn to drive it and maintain it, you would definitely be the envy of your peers as well as a receiver of jealous stares. It is a ultra-reliable car that'll last you forever if you take care of it, if you don't, expect to put in some major money to have things fixed or replaced. Now, the parts aren't exactly cheap, but if you can do most of the work yourself, or know someone that can, and find a car that has already had most of the major maintenance problems taken care of, then you should be good to go. As with any R
  7. PM Sent, let me know if you can help, many thanks...
  8. How much do you want for the seats, and where are you located?
  9. I agree with AWJ, the car is a great first car after you get the bugs worked out of it if it has any, but for a first time driver the rear wheel drive and the power it has even catches me off guard at times (especially if the ground is wet), and i've been driving for years.
  10. The SC needs and requires premium gas as evidenced by the cluster and the sticker on the gas lid, so I wouldn't put anything less in it. When I got my car whomever had it used mid grade and once I switched over to Premium car runs so much better. Just my 2 pennies.
  11. I'm fairly new to the board, and just picked up my 93 SC400, and love it!!! It reminds me of the days when I used to drive around my dad's old vette. V8 power, but with solid build. My parents drive a GS300, and that is another great car, good power, solid build, and great reliability. I've also had a chance to drive an ES and RX, and both were great cars as well. I think no matter what you choose you can't go wrong. It all just depends on what you want out of it, and how much you want to spend. I wanted something nice and luxurious that could hold its own, and something that I could
  12. Yeah there is an auto switch, which pretty much just makes the wheel retract and move up to make room for when you get up, but the actual gearing or motor is screwed up. I just got the car and didn't get a chance to tear it apart yet, but I will definitely take a mallet to it and see what I can get to work hehe. Thanks for the info!!!
  13. Sup Guys, Got my sc400 today, and well only thing that is irking me right now is how the telescopic steering column decided to stop working today. It worked when I looked at the car and was testing everything out, but today it must have known it was going to a new home. Anyways, the column will move away and towards the driver, but not up and down. When trying to make it go down, it just makes a loud gear grinding noise. I'm thinking it might be the motor, but have no clue where to look for one. Any ideas?
  14. I meant re-covering, as in having the leather replaced.
  15. Stock filter, if you're going with drop in. My Webpage From what I've read, aftermarket short ram intakes from Injen and so forth aren't worth the money because they only draw in hot air. If I find the link on the dyno runs of the short ram against stock box I'll post it.
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