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  1. Lately while applying my brakes at higher speeds I have noticed that my stearing wheel starts to shake tremendously. So, I took it into my local Lexus dealer because I thought i need an alignment. Turns out that the brake pads had melted the rotors and this was a known defect on the RX330. They replaced my pads and rotors for free. However, to me this is a seriouis problem. My car only has 18,000 miles on it.
  2. I got Lexus to fix my vibration problem. They created a vibration kit for me. It took a lot of work but they caved in. Thanks for all the help.
  3. I have taken my car in 3 times with no luck as of yet. Even with the COWL kit. How can a car like this get ouf of Quality Control with such a problem?
  4. Ok, I have recieved serveral emails suggesting we report the vibration and transmission problem to the NHTSA. This will begin the next phase in trying to get these problem resolved. Lexus isn't going to move one bit until we get together.Also, check out discussion board for other people having the same problems. the NHTSA website is my email is
  5. It just started for me. I know taking it in won't help. This is the worst car I have ever owned. I mean it. There shouldn't be crackling and popping from the dashboard. Still frustrate me that so many Car magazines rated this a great car when clearly it isnt.
  6. Ok, Here is what happened. I went before a NCDS arbitration board on January 14th and explained to them about the poor service and vibration problems experienced in my RX330. I showed the board emails from other owners who experienced the same problem and then I demonstrated the vibration problem as best I could because it was only 30 degrees outside and the A/C didn't cycle on and off as much but it did happen. The Lexus regional representative from the South East district flew in from Atlanta and basically said "The car is working as design" nothing more nothing less. About a week later, I
  7. Mike Aversa, It really isn't acceptable for a 40,000 car.I go before Arbitration tomorrow. I just wished more people who have this problem would stick together so we could get it fixed. Lexus/Toyota is a big company and will never be influenced by just one person. I need help. Today Large corporation are so insulated that you have make a major statement. I just hope when Consumer Reports and other trade magazine come out that enough customers voice their dissapointment in this car. Also,I will never trust . I believe most the comments there are from car dealers.I saw many salemans
  8. doncapecod, the messages have been restored now..There was a period in November when many of the message were missing. I believe the website crashed..Just look in the RX forum for vibration problems
  9. I go before an impartial Arbitration board on January 9th 2004.My goal, is to get Lexus to issue a TSB for the excessive vibration in the RX330. Anyone wanting to help me can by sending an email to me saying that your car has this problem. Send all emails to I will then take then submit them as proof. I will update everyone on my progress Thanks, Happy Holidays
  10. What a shame that all the RX330 messages concerning the vibration problems got wiped out. I am still battling Lexus on my issue. They have bascially told me there is no solution for the excessive vibrations in the steering column when I come to a stop and the AC/Heater cycle backs and forth. I have taken my concerns to the BBB and the Tennessee consumer affairs. There is no excuse for this. Anyone wanting to email me you can at
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