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  1. I love my Rx330. I have had it about 4 years. It has 87000 miles on it..It needs the hood painted and the bumpers painted. It looks fine but I am very fussy. My dh tried to fix some paint chips with touchup paint and it looks horrible. I was thinking of trading it on an 08. I can get a pretty good deal. Trade my 04 and 13000$ out the door. It will be a certified vehicle, has 54000 miles and the Navigation system. I would love a brand new but I dont have that kind of money laying around at the moment.. Do you all love the 08? Is the Navigation a nice feature? I am supposed to go and look at the 08 today. It is the Savannah color, anyone have that? is it a dark tan or light tan? Sorry for all the ?s but you guys always have answers here.
  2. My dh noticed this the other day,,everytime you let off the gas, about one second later there is a "thump" sound,he says it sounds like a universal joint going bad.. My car has 49200 miles on it,,, 2004 rx330. I am trying to get everything I find fixed before the 50000 mile warranty expires,, I already took it in for dash rattles and now it is worse than before, it is going in for headlight condesation and now this thump?? Geez,, is there anything else I should be looking for? anyone have this thump sound??
  3. thanks, I will let him know I want them changed out,, I also now have a clunk sound whenever I let off the gas,anyone have this? my dh thinks it is a univeral joint or something like that?? My dash rattle is worse after I had them work on it,, I wish they never touched the dash now..
  4. I just got a 2004 rx330,,, I had a rx300,, I never had leaking headlamps, or a rattling dash,, I am not pleased with this 2004. I already had it is for the rattles and now it is worse than before I took it in,, I only had the car 2 weeks,a fter the last big rain I see moisture in both headlights.. I call the lexus dealer and he says I need to get it in before I hit 50000 miles for it to be covered under warranty,, I am at 49000,,, the moisture is mostly dried up now,, it has been a week, they tell me that they have to see the moisture in there for themselves for them to put in a claim,, they said thay have to take pictures to send to lexus and because it is one that was made in Japan they wont replace the whole assemble,, they have to see where it is leaking and order parts to repair them,, I dont think this is accpectable,, how are they really going to see where the leak is? If this is a common problem,, which by reading I see that it is,, I think they should replace the whole thing. Has anyone else had a japan made rx330 and had to go this route?? what other problems can I expect down the road? I thought I was upgrading,,now I am not so sure..