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  1. USA spec also makes an adapter for Ipod connection. which also keeps Ipod charged. so no USB port is required to keep Ipod charged. and lets you use your radio and steering wheel control buttons to change songs, volume, etc. The Vaistech unit may allow the Ipod to store more songs. I am unsure about this. I have used the USA spec unit in an 01 and also 04 LS430 with nav. there is a Bluetooth adapter, too if desired.
  2. 01 LS430, 107K WP & TB changed at 90K, **************************** on freeway, wife spotted temp guage climbing towards H... I test drive with same symptoms, both fans spinning, radiator full of coolant. turn on heater on HOT; to help lower coolant temp. ************************* bought new thermostat from Lexus Concord, they even matched Toyota's price ($4 less) :) swapped in new gasket & t-stat. temp back to normal (halfway) :D ************************** put old t-stat in hot water, heated to boiling. did NOT open....
  3. the filter is only a metal screen. agree with dcfish, that with frequent trans oil changes, it's not necessary to clean filter.
  4. Chet's Auto Care in Santa Clara is an honest shop. the head mechanic is named Vu. Call him to see if he can help you.
  5. agree with above posts... I think you really start to bond with your car after you start changing the oil and washing it yourself :whistles:
  6. I'm a newb to a base 01 LS430. Wondering how to add more bass to a non Mark Levinson system. I have searched and read threads on R&R blown ML sub. So I guess I can bolt up a 8" free air sub to the rear deck... 1) who has upgraded to a non ML? Can I bolt in a 10 or 12" sub? does it have to be a free air, or maybe build a small enclosure for a normal sub? 2) does the OEM stereo have a sub output jack/lead? Is the output/volume controlled by the OEM volume? Is a separate amp needed? I don't demand big thump for light jazz music. I have an extra 12" Infinity sub. and 200W amp, laying around.... tia, mike wong mywong23@yahoo.com
  7. OEM filter contains charcoal, whereas aftermarket may not (I have not seen ALL aftermarket filters....)
  8. how bout describing it like a blood transfusion - substituting older blood with low cell count, with fresh new blood with high cell count. the influx of the substituted blood would raise the overall cell count.... ************************ total capacity of a dry trans is 9.4 qt. a drain and refill, replenishes 1.9 qts.
  9. It's impractical to drain the trans, because parts like the torque converter retain quite a bit of fluid. - not like draining engine oil. so draining out 2 qts, is like diluting the old stuff with fresh. Doing that often enough, will keep all the fluid in good shape; avoiding the necessity to flush.
  10. everyone has just explained why there are different cars for different folks..... and how/why manufacturers find market niches. I'm a bimmerhead and love driving manual shift cars. Wife was used to Cads, but now loves LS430 - good match for her style of driving... I applaud Lexus for the job they've accomplished in past 16 years. ************ Straight line acceleration is only one of dozen ways to compare cars (price, handling, comfort. etc.) However, a LS and Z4 are apples and oranges. A Supra and Z4 would be a fairer comparison. In any case, it is nice to know you don't have to back off to a pesky, little sports car ;) ;)
  11. my wife would prefer hearing a louder click on her 01, too. didn't know the newer cars were louder.
  12. 82 BMW 7 series - 285K - sold 92 Chrysler minivan 201K - on last legs..... 01 LS430 - 101K counting on it to outlast everything keep changing oil regularly ! & other fluids, too.
  13. I just bought a 01 base, with heated fr & rear seats, 100K, BBS 17" wheels, for 19K. But add in 1,500+ tax and transfer fees... midnight pine (dark green) exterior and interior almost perfect. every service done at Lexus; 90K TB & WP replaced. trunk struts hold only when fully extended ;) ;) looking forward to another 100K with minimal problems...
  14. No, conditioned upon: 1) is the surface fairly flat and not deeply scored, 2) if the remaining rotor thickness exceeds legel minimum. maybe you can find a shop giving free inspections. that will measure the rotor thickness. If the rotors are plenty "thick" but worn unevenly, you can "cut" the rotors; compare that versus cost of new rotors.... *********************************** draining fluid? assume you mean "flushing the system". I don't know how often the manual recommends, but it is always good to flush, every two years max. It's not a hard job, but suggest you find an experienced friend to help - then you'll probably do it correctly - not get any air in the lines. ;)
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