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  1. 92 sc300 parting out everything, only sold a few parts so far...its automatic but i also have a 5spd tranny...let me know what you need, ill see if i still have it or not sang 714.489.7766
  2. Hello everyone, my sc300 has been out of commission for about almost a yr now because my pops be pumping 87 fuel because he thinks the car is old, it doesn't matter...he thinks he knows the car was bogging and the oil smelled like gas and coolant or something so i changed the head gasket and timing belt after i got the head resurfaced. Put it all back together and it wouldn't start and addition to that fluids was leaking between head and block...With not much money and time I've just decided to put in a complete motor to save some time. I'm going to also convert to 5spd just
  3. Do you still have the crank pulley? How much shipped to 92841?
  4. i got rid of the car but i still have lots of engine parts and door panels speakers shift plate seat belt center console ext. tell me what you need and ill see if i got it..
  5. i have one without the sensor...Is your sensor still good? It came off of a 91ls400
  6. I will be getting rid of the car in a week so if there's anything that you want ill give it for a very good price. I prefer pick up but i can ship some things. Tell me what you want with an offer. I will call the junkyard to come pick up my car in a week, so let me know before its too late!
  7. I need a left driver side window regulator for my sc300. Is there anybody out there that have one for sale for a decent price.
  8. do you have the cd changer /divers side master switch /leather shift knob / driver seat can you please send me pics of all of these parts thanks cd changer has a little problem reading the cd's, driver side master switch missing a button, leather shift knob is a little warned, driver seat is still good. Grey interior. Ill send you the pictures when i get the chance.
  9. Ok Mr. Raj, I got it all ready now but tomorrow is sunday so i will wait till monday to ship it to you. I apoligize again for the lag and the wait for the lexus part. Sang-
  10. Hello, Yes i do have the passenger tail light assembly. Im located by huntington beach, Garden Grove. So where are you located? Do you only need the corner light or do you want the inner light also?
  11. Ok, Im sorry for the lag on the Antenna Assembly...I allready have it ready to ship in the box but i also wanted to add something to it for the incovienence...but i have some difficulties taking it out because the car has no more electric because of the battery fuse...I asked you if you wanted a refund because of the antenna but you said which ever works best because you wanted me to suprise you with something else with it...Thats what i thought would be better but i came around some difficulties taking it out but Don't think im not going to ship it to you Because I'm not trying to scam anyone
  12. My door panel is borken so when people go inside the car they tend to rip out the door armrest. I fixed it a few times but more and more when people come in they pull it super hard and after awhile it goes back to being broken. Does anyone have a Tan Passenger door panel? Im willing to trade or buy it for a reasonable price :chairshot:
  13. I have a pioneer stock oem radio for sc400 i bought awhile ago and Pioneer Center Console Wireloom for CD Changer Installations seperately to make it work in my sc300 but however the sc400 had one extra harness therefore everything turned on but no sounds. Since i got a hook up on a cd player i just installed that one with the kit at best buy. I dont really like the big gap under the cd player but i can say that music with gap is better than no music with no gap. I also have the shift bezel cover plate with the ect power, Upper center console with broken in 2 piece other than that still in
  14. My window doesn't go up so i've been driving like that for a whole year now. I recently took off the door panel to see what the problem was. The window regulator track (white plastic piece) had broke. I took out the window regulator still hoping in find of a d/s window regulator. Its been a while since i came across one for cheap. So meanwhile till i find a window regulator someone wants to sell or trade for something from a ls400 i'll be driving without the door panels and the windows up used with pliers. ghetto status.
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