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  1. Rya,

    How about starting a new thread on this issue. Something like "Rya's big golf adventure" or your choice. The old tread just doesn't go with your recent experiences.

    After all of this build-up the big golfing day should be approaching. Keep the updates coming. Pulling your clubs out of a Lexus should start the testosterone battle with your playing partners right in the parking lot.

    Last post..... then I'll start a new thread.

    I'm actually not playing until 7/24.... I'm kind of a planner so I have plenty of time to practice.

    The Lexus won't help..... I'm flying to Harrisburg, PA. It's a 5+ hour drive from where I live & my boss found plane tickets for less than the cost of gas round trip. This is not going to be fun schleping clubs, suitcase & my laptop to the airport & back. Then in Harrisburg, I have to schlep to the hotel - the Big Boss doesn't get in until 6 hours after me & he'll be renting the car. Ugh..... :(

  2. Hey, there sure are a bunch of interesting folks here. As for myself, I just finished my first year of law school and am currently doing a summer clerkship with the Innocence Project. I've pretty much decided that I need an outlet that will allow me to just relax, and I've found just cruising around certainly gives me time to myself to unwind.

    Nice to meet you folks.

    Hey Tony, welcome to the group! What is the Innocence Project?

    I have 4 more weeks with my semester & I'll be done with year #! of my MBA. Wow.... lots of work!!

  3. you'll need to change the grass to a Bermuda Hybrid.

    I'll let my hubby know that he needs go change the grass in th back yard. That's probably the best idea. But then he'll need to do the front & sides. Maybe he could plant bushes that grow really tall that we could hit into. Then we won't need the net. Yeahhhhhh.... I think that will work.

    Oh, and you should take a good series of lessons first so you don't just practice hitting the ball incorrectly and just reinforcing a bunch of bad habits.

    I had my first lesson. He made several small adjustments to my grip & posture. He video taped me & showed me my swing on the computer. Eeks!! My biggest problem is letting go of the death grip and staying relaxed.