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  1. I want to upgrade my 1992 SC300 body just on the valences (side skirts). I want something that will make the car look a little more aggressive, but not too much. Basically something with a very subtle change. Do the late model SC400's (say the last year, 2000) have different side skirts than the SC300? Are they the same on both the 300's and 400's from 1997 forward? Or did they continue to make changes later? If not, the Kaminari almost look stock in all the pictures I've seen. Perhaps that's an option? Comments, advice would be welcome. Thanks.
  2. Greetings. I have a 1992 SC300 5-spd. My goal is to lower the car only a small amount, perhaps 1 inch and to maintain the stock ride as much as possible. Ideally the car would ride exactly the same and be 1 inch lower - not sure if that's possible obviously. Anyone have recommendations for how to best accomplish this? Thanks.
  3. I'm having trouble finding a comfortable driving position in my 1992 SC300. The problem would be solved if the steering wheel would telescope further. Does anyone know if it's possible to extend the entire column, or something, to fix this driver position problem for me? I understand that this would be an expensive proposition, but it's worth it since I'll have this car for the next 10 years. Thanks.
  4. I'm looking for the IS300 11-spoke wheels. Thanks.
  5. I just noticed that there are some wheels which go on the IS300 Sport Track model which are roughly 10 or 11 spoke and 17 inch. I kind of like the looks of them and was wondering if anyone knew if the offsets would fit on a '92 SC300. thanks.
  6. Yeah, I called Lexus and the whole wing jobby, not including labor was going to be $1300. I bought the Wings West, color matched and shipped to my door for $325. It comes with a template. All I need are stronger struts which I will hopefully find through the sources you guys list in this thread. So the whole job should cost $400 maybe. I still want a set of OEM 16 inch SC400 wheels, the older 10-spoke kind. If anyone knows of any. (Some guy on ebay just backed out because the bidding didn't go high enough for him - I guess he'd never heard of setting a reserve price). Thanks everyone
  7. I'm trying to find the SC400 style 10 spoke from yesteryear. I like those 16 inch wheels better than the 15's on the car now. And they should be cheap since they're old and no one seems to even consider 16 inches anymore. Re. power: I'm very impressed with this engine. It's a more than decade-old design and makes as much power as the new IS300 motor, Audi 3 liter, etc. It's amazingly linear in its torque characteristics (it seems). I've had this car a week and I'm getting happier and happier with it. addb
  8. UCF3, Well, I must admit I like the looks of your (is that yours?) SC300 with the rear flares, etc., but I have a problem with cars that look fast: I tend to take them to the track and destroy them :D . My goal here is to keep my SC really lux. Superlux. I guess that's where "Lexus" comes from, Luxus? Deluxus? :) So, that said, I'm going to try to make it look understated and maintain a factory look as much as possible. The only non-factory thing I really want to do is find some kind of mudguards or something to beef up the area around the fenders. I noticed the new Solara's have a mud
  9. I'm thinking of buying a Wings West factory look-alike spoiler (1992 style) for my 1992 SC300. Is there any reason not to do this? Any problems encountered?
  10. What are the genuine Lexus wheels that would work on the car? Are the ones shown on AWJ's car 17's or 16's? I like the multispoke SC400 wheels but they're only in 16 inch correct? I really don't know all the OEM options available.
  11. I'm wondering how the ride is affected by putting 17x8 inch wheels on my 1992 SC300. It has 15's and I'm worried the ride will be negatively affected by the 2 inch larger wheels. Anyone have experience making this switch?
  12. I'm looking for some 16 inch OEM SC wheels or some aftermarket 17 inch wheels which fit an SC300. Thanks.
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