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  1. another proof that "savings" in gas quality and octane are really non existent...
  2. CR rated all season tires in 18 inch as follows: 1 Dunlop SP Sport 5000 2 Continental ContiProContact 3 Yokohama Avid H4S 4 Michelin Energy MXV4 Plus and UHP all season: 1 Falken ZE 912 2 Nitto Neo Gen ZR 3 Yokohama Advan S4 Looks the dealer was not wrong after all...
  3. Dunlops are not rubbish... perhaps that specific model, but there are plenty of others, some of which are OEM on ultra fast super exotic cars...
  4. or they do not have the litigious mind Americans have...
  5. well... even in a closed track you are courting danger at that speed in any car... you are also courting danger on our expressways everyday... ;) most especially when you pass old trucks going faster than they should... yesterday I was lucky the tow truck that got a "lose chain" (??!!)(from the car it was transporting on the flat bed) around its right rear tires creating an immediate situation of "blocked rear right tires" with the corresponding lane switch, etc... was "only" 100 yards ahead of me because I was driving "slow" otherwise the story could have been completely different...
  6. Well... there are many cars that can go 150 MPH, in some your are risking your life and in others is just "a walk in the park"... that is precisely what separates the good cars from the crappy ones... I would like to think that our IS350 is in the former category...
  7. and -of course- I am not using those crappy tires... right now I have Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 on my car. Allegedly the best ultra high performance tire available in the market today.
  8. The IS350 comes equipped with Z rated tires so...I see no need to limit the top speed based on that factor... I am sure attorneys have a lot to do with it, who knows... When Z-speed rated tires were first introduced, they were thought to reflect the highest tire speed rating that would ever be required, in excess of 240 km/h or 149 mph. While Z-speed rated tires are capable of speeds in excess of 149 mph, how far above 149 mph was not identified. That ultimately caused the automotive industry to add W- and Y-speed ratings to identify the tires that meet the needs of new vehicles that have extremely high top-speed capabilities.
  9. Most European fast sedans come with a limited top speed of 155 mph, which is a well known fact. Based on Lexus' wish to compete head on with BMW (at least with the IS350) I was of the mistaken belief that they would have their cars limited in a similar way. Obviously this is not the case. Yes, I tested the top speed of my IS and found out it to be 144 mph (as per my GPS, not the speedometer). And yes, it was tested under controlled conditions in a closed track.
  10. Seems to me that it is and at a very low level. Any confirmation? <_< Thanks
  11. I have the PS2s. Perfect. Non directional? Not an issue either, as you can switch them by mounting them the other way and switching them to the other side. My PS2s already have 13K miles and at 10K I thought about dismounting and remounting but observed the thread was identical in both sides, therefore I abandoned the idea.
  12. In Florida a 10% ethanol mixture is mandatory...
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