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  1. Did sum searching..and this is the closest I can find Not sure if those are the exact ones..but thats the closest I can get it em to0...
  2. I know ive seen them before..lemme do a lil searching and ill be sure to find em.
  3. He ran up all the taxes and fees to come up with the final price, but it really isnt set. Im sure if my dad gets in his good mood we can bring it down a couple grand, well hopefully. Im ganna stop by sumtime next week..hopefully I would all ready have sold most of my stuff and have the right amount of money.
  4. Yea, ive heard a couple bad things about the area..some real shady dealers around there. And the interior looks to be in perfect condition! Not sure if the seats have been replaced..I should ask about that...they do look to good to be true, no signs of wear at all.
  5. Nice little quote haha. Im pretty new at this dealership thing, so my dad does most of the talking.
  6. Thx guys. I went to go check the car out this past sunday, and it seemed like it was in great condition. We didnt have time to throughly check it, it was raning and we wanted to get out of the rain. Still have to test drive it, and "rape" the car ahha. They seemed real stiff on the it will take some negotiating. After taxes and etc it came out to be 15,500 Pretty harsh price..still gatta get back to them and gatta talk about lowering that price down. In the KBB it goes for a good 16.5k I gatta find those lil flaws...BTW I carfaxed it and there is nothing wrong with its past. Thanks
  7. Lift the rear of ur car up, Spin one wheel..if the other wheel spins the same way then you have LSD. I still have yet to test this on a car with LSD but with every car that doesnt the other wheel doesnt spin at all..
  8. As for as I know also, and im no expert, SC300s only came with open diffs from the factory. You might have a aftermarket or a supra VLSD...or as AWJ said if the conditions are right both wheels can possibly burn out at the same time. But 4 or 3 times in a row...
  9. Theyre arent many Turbos for 400s..there are Superchargers. Turbos are more popular on 300s then 400s.
  10. None that I know of..Maybe in Japan for the soarer??
  11. Well haha, Im trying to get out to the dealership today to check it out.
  12. Hey guys, just wanted your opinon and input on this SC that im looking to buy, hopefully. Click here Only thing is I dont have all the money I would like to right now because I am still selling everything from my old car and wont be ready for a good 2 weeks or so..Im thinking of just putting down $2500 now and then paying pretty big monthly payments, which I can handle. Just wanting your input, is this a smart move or should I wait till another 5spd comes accros..they are very hard to find around here. Thanks
  13. Wow, looks like its ganna be a real monster!
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