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  1. They didn't put in the speed governor until 2001 gen 4. The gen 3 goes 157 MPH.
  2. The "marble wood" looks cool. 2001 and 2002 same car. Just get the car with most amount of toys. Just enjoy the creamy smooth ride of air susp and dont worry about failure. If you were that concerned, you might as well get a car that has no luxury features because any component can fail
  3. Checked out Mercedes forum and searched "Lexus". An abundant amount of tales of people bitching about the overall poor quality of Merc, decline in quality of their cars in recent years, dealers being very rude and arrogant. That's the part that I would not tolerate. You're the paying customer contributing to their livelihood and they act like they're better than you giving you a favor? Seems like the forum is used to just to talk about problems of Mercedes. Some stories of Mercedes-loyal Lexus naysayers converting to Lexus!!! I think the new S-class is a rip off, not worth buying unless you get S55 AMG or S600 for $110,000-130,000. The S-430 does not come with wood steering wheel/shifter, heated seasts standard. Does not come with Xenons. These things could be forgiven if it was a $45000 car. But its a $86000+ car. Even a Mazda 3-S comes with Xenons!!! And its a $16000 car!!!
  4. The 92-94 LS sounds like a good idea to me. I think it looks better than 95-97 which is what I used to have, has the classic timeless shape, with those cool exposed tail pipes. I wouldn't jump in Camry or Accord because the price difference between these cars and a Lexus is not that substantial because they are used and have gone through years of depreciation. I think the Acura Legend is good choice too. Very reliable and durable cars, much better than the newer Acuras
  5. AHH...Where did you get these stats? Looks like something off of May 1992 issue of Newsweek magazine. Anyway, I always comparing myself to typical Lexus buyer, they have an average income of $200,000+ year. I know many people that make over $300,000 a year, albeit most are old folks. But I have a few friends in their 20s and 30s making over $100,000+ year. But that doesn't mean that people without fat paychecks can't enjoy finer things in life. Like some of you guys in this forum, smart enough to buy used and do own fixes. Well kind dad was buying that hum-drum joke of car, so I traded it in for some cash. (My dad paid me back the difference). Didn't want to hassle with selling it on my own. Sold it because I have plans to buy a newer car later on. I am leaning towards GS400 or a 2002+ BMW M3. Think of it this way, most Mercedes/Lexus/BMW buyers are rich, but conversely, most rich folks don't buy these kind of cars either.
  6. I can just pick them in a Lexus GS430 or a BMW M3. I think Bimmer is good alternative to Merc if I want Teutonic performance. Yea looks like Merc is not the same car of yester-years. They were always expensive to upkeep, but at least it was for maintenance, not these frequent problems of technological nightmares
  7. Why is that you just cant have nice things without raising eyebrows, making other people furious, jealous, and envious? It seems like majority of people in this world are decent and good, but also majority have a serious problem with jealosy.
  8. Good points, SW03ES and SRK. Maybe it is pathetic to buy a Mercedes just to show off, because you guys are telling me that most people aren't going to give a dam! If they do, they'll think I'm a fool once they find out I'm not rich. It's obvious because I still look very young like I'm 22. If the "wow" factor is members of the general public messing with me because they're jealous and envious, no thank you. I've never driven a fancy car before so I dont know what it's like. Believe it or not, I've had people spill drinks on my 10 year old LS a few times while its parked at the upscale mall. Thanks to some lucky investments, I can buy even a brand new S-class for cash, but I'm not in the same league as the ordinary S-class buyer: 50+ year old executive making $300,000+ year worth at least couple million. And after the purchase I'll be flat broke, with only thing to show for it is a flashy car that just keeps losing money. Not such a lucky investment. BOTTOM LINE:I'm not going to buy any car to show off, no Mercedes, Cadillac Escalade whatever. Not worth cringing everytime I spend money on the car whose mission is to just show off. I'm going to be more reasonable. A car that I'll truly enjoy driving for myself, not others, for the heart-wrenching performance and sounds. Maybe a GS400, BMW 330i/M3/530i, Infiniti G35. These cars are nice, obviously not cheap, but they don't shout "Look at me I'm rich"
  9. Thanks for the considerable replies. The big reason I want a Merc is to make others go "wow". I drove 04 LS430 for a week, it hardly draws any attention or gawks from other people. You could drive a Ford and get about the same amount of reaction. Mercedes definitely draws attention like magent, from hot chics to people that are just flat out jealous. When you say to others Mercedes S-class, not a word more is necessary. Maybe I'm being too shallow. But who doesn't buy things to impress others? I cannot afford expensive repairs as I am a 28-year old who only makes $60,000 a year. But some Mercedes on Ebay are sold with Gold Warranty to 4 yrs/unlimited miles. Are those any good? I don't like Mercedes factory extended warranty (Starmark) because it only goes 1 yr/unlimited miles.
  10. I'm considering buying 2000+ S-class Mercedes. When they were new, they were alot more expensive than LS430, $84000+ vs. $55000+ but now there is not that much difference in price. A 2000 S430 Merc usually goes for around $35000 and 2001 LS430 about $31000. That's only $4000 in difference in price. Guys what do you think about the new S-class Merc in reliability and quality? Please give honest unbiased opinion. Don't get me wrong, Lexus is a fine car,I already know Lexus is much better in reliability and cost of maintenace, but I want to jump in to something that has more prestige, cachet, and panache for only a few thousand more...
  11. The lexus had 111K miles, I don't think the t-belt was ever changed. The body was good except few minor scratches and couple very small dents that could be seen under the sun. It did look like one of the fender was repainted. Interior was in good shape, except for some scratches on the dash and Nak stereo with right chan going out sometimes. The brakes squealed, but no other problems. I dont't think the dealer ripped me off - They did the best they can, they just wholesaled it to an auctioneer. They are not selling it at their lot. The lexus was horrible in snow until I put on Michelin Artic Alpin, than it turned in to a snow mobile. I was racing SUVs during snow storm. But I like to go off roading hence buying Kia SUV
  12. I already traded in the car for $7300, effectively $8000 with tax credit. Didn't try the newspaper ads because I have no time. Should've at least tried ebay...but I think the price was fair as a trade-in (which is always a ripoff)
  13. Hey what's wrong with a KIA? Of course it aint no RX330 but man, 192 hp V6, 4X4, AC,CD, power windows, locks, heated mirrors, roof rack, alloy wheels, tons of storage, muscular body for $21500 is a deal!!!
  14. I'm trading in my 95 LS400 towards a Kia Sorento 4 X 4, the dealer offered me $7300. Do you guys think that's a fair deal? They told me the fact that the car was repainted on the front end and has 100K+ miles is whats bringing down the price. They are selling the Kia way below invoice at $21500, and the Lexus will be wholesaled to a Lexus dealer. Kelly book said $7400 trade in. I'm staying a Lexus fan, going to buy a GS430 later, the Kia is for Colorado winters.
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