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  1. Does anyone know if you can use iridium plugs for the SC300 or does it have to only be platinum?
  2. Thanks for the info everyone. Out of my own personal experience, the TC does hinder the performance of the car during launch(the main reason why I shut it off). As jzz30 stated, "if you can controll how much wheel spin you have it will definitely be faster than any traction controll system". I find that to be very true as long as you know your machine's limits at high speeds.
  3. SC300 Question: I've been wondering this because the owner's manual for the SC300 states to not use any other type of spark plug except for platinum yet i see on ebay there are plugs made of iridium for SC300s that promise more HP. Also, the manual states to only use platinum plugs that have dual tips yet these iridium spark plugs are single tipped. Is a single tipped iridium plug safe to use on a SC300?
  4. Will the TCS reduce the power of the SC300/400's acceleration? I've been debating on whether or not to turn off the TCS everytime I switch my ECT to 'Power' to give my car more added speed (as long as I know the road is dry) but i dunno if there is any acceleration differences. Those that race their SC's, do you leave the TCS on or off?
  5. Speaking of cigarette lighters, are all cigarette lighters the same size? I really should cover up that port before i drop another coin in there.
  6. 1. Check your cigarette lighter and make sure there isn't a coin or something that fell inside. I had that happen to me, my air stopped working and when i took it to the shop, that's what they found in the dash. Quite embarrassing
  7. I am planning on building my own BFI as soon as I get a break from my classes. Sometime next summer though, I want a turbo installed on my SC300 by Sound Performance or Toyomoto. Will the changes i make to the car for the BFI have any adverse affect later on the turbo transition? I'm guessing the BFI stock box will be removed for a pod intake when the shop installs everything. Should I even bother with the BFI project if I'll upgrade to a turbo sometime next year?
  8. When I'm at high speeds and the TCS engages, i won't feel it. I'll only feel it during hard accelerations from a stop(on wet surfaces) and trying to accelerate during a turn. I think i found my answer on this previous thread... That sounds right, fuel is cut off and the engine wants to shut off, causing the stall-vibration.
  9. Well, I gave the "hard brake" test a try and i could not duplicate the gripe. It was definitely the traction control system. How exactly does the traction control system work mechanically? I'll feel it sometimes try to slow my tires down when i make a hard turn or try to accelerate hard after a red light on a slippery surface. I'm just hoping everytime it activates, it's not damaging the car from fighting the acceleration. I found this interesting article that has examples of different traction control systems, Which does th
  10. That's very possible. The ground was slick from the rain that had passed by so it could be that the tires were getting ready to spin out and the traction control stopped it before it happened. I know for sure that the tires never spun out but that thumping sound was probably the traction control doing its thing while i was at a dead stop. Still, should the car shake that violently? It felt like i was going to stall.
  11. Traction Control Question: The weather is cold now and I'm driving around in my sc300 when i have to stop at a red light. As soon as the light turns green, i release my foot off the brakes and press slightly hard on the accelerator. The car begins to shake violently in place for a second, the "loss of traction" icon appears on the dash, I hear loud thumping around the rear wheels, then i finally begin to move again. It has happened twice today and my guess is that the TCS was activated and the wheels were fighting against the brake pads when i tried to accelerate. Is this theory correct?
  12. Are there any links or websites that show what mechanic shops will install the f max for me? I'm living in SC and want to find a place in Georgia, Florida, or somewhere within a day of driving range.
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