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Status Updates posted by smooth1

  1. If your still interested in becoming a supporting vendor, email Steve at and he will give you all the info.

  2. I've deleted all your posts. Just like last time. Just like I will next time.

  3. I understand your a new member here. So I have elected to just verbally warn you. Please read our rules. Your not allowed to have or post any links to "for profit" website or company advertising of any kind.

    The reason is that in the past members who have used those links hold us responsible and or associate us with that link and it makes for bad situations if they get ripped off ...

  4. Your thread has been removed as selling in the general forums is prohibited. We have a buy and sell forum for that.

    The reason you cannot post in the buy and sell forum is that only established members may use the buy and sell forum. Once your avatar no longer says "New Member", will you then be allowed to post in that forum. These forums are provided for the members of the LOC

  5. I can't send you a PM as you have elected to turn of that feature.