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  1. So I was getting tie rods replaced on my car and the mechanic noticed my passenger ball joint was broke. Well apparently I can't just change the ball joint, I have to change the whole lower arm control. Is this true?? If so do I need to change the bushings or does that come with the part?? Any info will be helpful. Thank you!
  2. Yes I have. It was fine. But just incase, I flushed it, and then added ATF. Still nothing.. :( "pushed it to the office..." How far...? The engine/transaxle ECU may have failed leaving the transaxle in gear.... lol lucky thing i was stopped like only one block from my office. it was after lunch, they needed to burn off their lunch anyway. LOL why would the wheels lock and not go in reverse?
  3. Yes I have. It was fine. But just incase, I flushed it, and then added ATF. Still nothing.. :(
  4. ok so I just recently changed my a/f sensors. Yesterday, my car dies on me in the middle of a busy road. *grr* I had it pushed to my office. Well now the car when put in any gear just idles like its in neutral and wont move anywhere. When put in reverse, the FWD locks up and the wheels wont move. Sounds like two gears are grinding each other an not moving. So now my car is in the driveway, till I can figure out what to do with it, or have it towed to a dealer. What the hell can possibly be wrong? Im assuming my transmission just called it quits. Damn, there goes my trip to Jamaica.............
  5. Hi Everyone. First I want to say this forum is so helpful. Thankyou all. Being a single girl and not very car inclined, reading these, helps alot. Ok well my problem is that I have my CEL and VSC and TRAC OFF light all on. What do these mean? I went to Autozone, and had them check the codes. I got P1130 and P1150, and from readin, Im guessing its the Bank 2 Sensor 1. But how do I replace it? Pictures would help alot. And well, you have to be very exact with me, on the location on where to look. Can yall please help this clueless girl??? Thanks
  6. mikey, my email address is and thanks a bunch for getting this to me if I can download it. I appreciate it alot. You're a doll.
  7. what is emule? anyway what i need incase i cant get a repair manual, is to really know how to change the two belts step by step? pictures would help. i really dont know any of this, thats why a manual would help. but im not sure where to upload it to. thanks again.
  8. I have it but the file is 20M zipped. Do you have some place I can upload it to? ummm I dont know. Like what? Where would you upload to?
  9. does anyone have a link or anyway that i can view a repair manual for a 2001 rx300??? the previous ones on here do not work anymore. i greatly appreciate any help....
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