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  1. just check out the autopartswharehouse site,thanks. I went on the Carlson one,the TM front pads are 50.29 and the rear (they show 3 types) range but all are under 51.00 but there is shipping.Rotors are 110 each,again plus shipping from Kalif. I probably will go with the autowharehouse ones.I may try it myself,my only concern is any damge to the antilock but it seem if you open the cap on the master and remove a bit of fluid,then push the piston back slowly you should be ok. One last question,it my understanding that the rotors should be replaced no matter what correct? Is it possible to just
  2. Thanks for the tips and info on those Centric rotors.The Lexus dealer quoted me $475 per axle (says I need both front and rear brakes) "if" they can cut the rotors,he seem to think there was enough meat on them.They do the on the car,I think Pro Cut has the machine) to factor in any runout caused by front end. I am going to check with a Toyota dealer and see what he wants but suspect I can order the pads (used Carson in Kalif for a case of oil filters(do my own with Mobil 1 and its much cheaper then the $175 the dealer charges).Open to other vendor if you knwo one of course. many thanks for
  3. Hi Code58. the leak was at the juction of the core and the side tank in the radiator,up by the cap area.The writer said the old ones would vibrate and seal would be compromised.The "new improved" ones had addional support in the tank area.He did say it was the first new type he saw fail.I paid 0 so I am just out some gas and my time.The antifreeze has now been changed for the second time (on them both times) so I guess I did ok.They even gave me a brand new Volvo V70 (what a dog) for a two day loaner. Now to deal with brakes,again,they quoted 475 per axle if they can cut the rotors and a lot
  4. Our is a 04 330 with 78k on it.Its in now for its second radiator (they are covering it under warranty) and the writer told me it needs brakes,I started to tell him "that X eats.." and he stopped me and said "brakes and tires".Not uncommon I suspect,this one is driven by a my wife a sweet little accountant not some young kid who is hard on them. I did some searching on here and came up with this thread; I may do them myself this time,have to decide if I try another brand then the TM ones thou.
  5. Its at the dealer,and yes the Rad is leaking again.I asked the writer if they had the "new improved" ones when they did it the first time and he said they did so I guess its something I will have to keep an eye on in another 30k or so.Also mentioned it needs brakes,again! I am going to see about another brand of pads/rotors and find a independant shop to to them this round. Should be picking it up later today or tomorrow.I guess if you have a Canada built one be sure you check that fluid/rad as it seem to be a weak point.
  6. I am coming up on my third set of brakes pads in the front.I replaced the rotors last time.It seems these RX's go thought them about every 25-30K and the indicator is the mileage :) Are you doing rotors and is there a better brand of pads then the TM ones? thanks
  7. Thats the way I understood it.And sure enough that first one was leaking after 43K on it.Maybe they just could not tell the old stock from the "new improved" stock of replacment radiators or maybe it was just a gamble.Will keep the board posted after it gets done,my appointment is next Wed (only one dealer here in NH and he is 1.5hrs away).Hopfully things go smoothly,my call to Lexus CS was not very helpfull (had no knowledge of any radiator problem ever !),but the service writer frounf my records and seemed to think as long as I am under the 90K mark its warranty. Even thou its all paid off
  8. When I looked back it was the Canada built ones,04 and I think early 05.What has me concered is that Lexus,it would seem either used up old parts (which I doubt as they would have to gamble that they wouldn't fail again) or they still did not adress the issue of the seem leak at the supplier. That and the brake issues have been the only problems so far but its a bit strange that they would have this recurring issue.
  9. Hi all, we have a 04 RX330 with 78k on it and I noticed a puddle of pink fluid under it this morning.When I looked under the hood,sure enough the radiator was leaking at core junction to the side tank.It was replaced ,under warranty @43,000 for the same thing (I think Lexus even sent a $50.00 gas card for our inconvenience).I am bringing it down next week,it should still be covered as they extended the Warranty ("Warranty Enhancement Notification") but wonder what is the deal with Radiator's and thses RX 330's? Any one else gone throught 2? One has wonder if this next one will last past 35
  10. So there is vinyl in the GS's as well.Its my understanding that the E350(and 500) are vinyl (or MB Tex) on the fronts and sides of seats,glove and door panels unless they have the leather option which just puts inserts in the seats. I really can't see using vinyl even if it wears better.I have seen both older S's and LS's that have leather that looks fine. Now I am not sure,maybe I have to go with a MB S or LS,and just go a bit older (06)
  11. Been looking at the MB E350's and comparing them to the GS as we wanted a car to go with our RX350. One thing that has suprised us is the MB's don't come with leather,the use a "MB-Tex" (vinyl!). Not sure I can buy a 40K car (been looking at the CPO 07's) that does not have leather.Do the GS 350 (GS430) have all leather on the interior parts that are covered (seats,door panels,center arm rest)?
  12. Interesting, if it cross's over to another TM vech it will show up although bit higher.Not surprising thou.Thanks for checking that and the info.
  13. I was unable to source these from Toyota using that number. Toyota said it was a Lexus part # and while the same part may exist under a Toyota # there is no cross reference. If your boxes have a Lexus part number on them, I bet your Toyota dealer just sourced them from Lexus. Do you have any further info that may help? What part # is on the box? By using original manufacturing numbers stamped on the pad frames I was able to determine the RX rear pads are the same as a 4 cyl Highlander but was never able to find a match for the RX front pads. here are the numbers for the rotors from the TM
  14. Lexus OEM pads come in a red box imprinted with Toyota logo all over it with a sticker displaying the Lexus (not Toyota) part #. That is a TM manufactured part and available at any TM dealer with that number !The number may "go" to a Lexus but the number is in every TM parts terminal as a Toyota part number.
  15. The 04 RX330 have a defective rotor problem there is even a TSB on it.Some have had sucess in getting dealer/Lexus to cover it I have not.Most brake specialists are now suggesting that you should not cut Rotors on may imports unless there is quite a bit of runout..Ours went early as well,replaced them,both pads and rotors, at local TM dealer( the parts are in TM boxes-no such thing as Lexus brake part).We so far, at 57k have had no more shakes from warped rotors. Happy to give you TSB number or parts numbers if needed.
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