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    Looking for a nice 5 speed SC300 with tasteful mods.
  1. :( I've seen where SC400 performance (Motor Trend, Road & Track) stats have been posted, and I've tried to use the search function, to no avail. I'd very much like some SC300 stats on lateral gs, slalom, etc. And, am looking for a nice slightly modded (suspension, shifter) SC300 5 speed if anyone has one. Thanks, (newbie) Tom Tulsa
  2. :( I've tried the forum search, but I get no response other than it returns no results. Did the GS300 or GS400 ever come with a manual transmission? A regular stick shift, with clutch, etc.? Sorry, but I thought they did, but with my luck probably not. thanks Tom Tulsa
  3. 5 speed or automatic? Any pictures? PM me or email at Price? Is this your personal vehicle? Thanks.
  4. kjtar

    94 5speed Sc300 64k

    Will certainly consider it. The second page didn't load, and when I went to the root URL nothing came up. If you get someone to buy my house, I will be able to get your car. Seriously.
  5. Wow!!! Thanks a lot Sadistic and everyone! I'm going to look around the 'net and find prices on some things, add 'em up, and see what the parts total comes to. Then, maybe double it and see what's what. Thanks again everyone, very much! Best regards, Tom Hereford, AZ P.S. Editing this post; Went on line to check parts, came up with the following, I know it's not exact, but it gave me ballpark figures; So, in adding up stuff; Eibach Pro-kit $259 Greddy $800 or Borla $586.99 KYB GR-2 $272.12 (4 of them) Shift kit? $200? (optional) So the least I could get away with in pa
  6. Bandit, I'm threaded in on this one now, if you have costs and subjective details about the handling after having the springs and shocks installed, "lemme have it!" :chairshot: Thanks Tom (kjtar) Hereford, AZ
  7. Help, oh wisdom providers! :) I'm thinking of getting a '92 SC300 5 speed, but if so, I want to improve the handling, shifting, and exhaust sound qualities of the car. I've heard that the Eibach Prokit springs would be the way to go (lowering about 1 inch) but am not sure about shocks, need help there, please. Tokico, KYB, Bilstein...pros/cons? Does anyone make a short shift kit for the 5 speed box? When I test drove a 5 speed I thought the shifting was a bit vague. See;( for my impressions and what I'd want to change/mod
  8. Bandit, that's great! Hey, can you PM me or email me about the springs and shocks? Don't want the thread continuity on this to evaporate, but do want to know how much they cost, what the installation bill was, and how the handling was effected, as I'm thinking of doing the same thing, plus maybe a short shift kit, if one is made. I know you bought a SC400, and from your mother-in-law, but could I ask how much you paid for it? Congrats! Tom
  9. I'm considering the purchase of a SC300 because it's the coupe with a 5 speed manual transmission. But, in pursuing this goal, I began to wonder if anyone out there has found (or if there's a shop that specializes in) the conversion of the SC400 automatic transmission to a 5 speed? Are there any SC400 5 speed manual transmission cars out there, and if so, how do I find them, how do they handle, etc., etc.? Thanks very much, Tom Reynolds Hereford, AZ
  10. Thanks for the reply. But, that kind of brings up another question, which is, what kind of pricing should I expect to find out there for a '92 or '93 SC300 5 speed? The reason I ask is that you say "for the money - one with much less miles could be found." I don't remember discussing the asking price of the car I was discussing, so what's the going rate for one? Thanks again, Tom Hereford, AZ
  11. I've been occasionally emailing a dealer (owner of a car lot) about a car his wife has been driving for around 30k miles. It's a 5 speed SC300 (duh, I know) and currently has around 190k miles. He says he has all the service records, and he wouldn't let his wife drive it if the car were a hazard about to happen, etc., etc. With regular maintenance, can the 3.0 liter engine (and the other systems) of the car be dependable enough so I won't have to worry each time I get in that it's not going to self destruct around me? Guess I just want to hear some "longevity" stories to either ease my min
  12. I've sold my Italian friend, and my darling wife has permitted me to take a portion (a relatively small portion, mind you) and look for a "fun car." I have a 1988 Mercedes-Benz 300E for travel, vacation, etc., but after having a '73 2002tii, '94 Miata R, and '78 308gt4, I just can't see driving the Merc all the time. It's a great car and all, but not much fun. Was looking at Porsche 944S2, but too much $ and potential problems with inadequate servicing of the belt/tensioner, etc. areas, then started looking around for a '89 or (good luck) '90 RX7 GTUs (model, not plural of GTU) but hard to
  13. I want one, am looking for one, if anyone has a 5 speed for sale, PLEASE let me know, okay? I drove one up in Tucson a couple months ago, seemed a bit cushy, (as it's supposed to in stock form, I guess) and I'm more of a hard core type guy as far as cars are concerned. But, it has the speed, and with Eibachs (or insert best choice here) and maybe stiffer shocks, I think I could be a very happy camper. As far as shifting w/o the clutch, yes, yes, I used to do that in my '94 Miata R version. Love to match revs and downshift, as well is that pretty easy to do in the SC300? Pedals match up pr
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