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  1. Can you send me photos to my email at

  2. Here are some pictures: I pulled the first one off the top, they all look the same, except like I said above the "Sports Edition" center cap is rusting on one or two of them, not the wheel, just the center cap. Outside: Inside (Some marker on the inner hub, I kept track of where I took them off of so I could rotate the next season): Tread: Original Sticker: Also, "2200" is stamped on them, I assume this means the 22nd week of 2000 they were made. If you're really interested, I have a FedEx discount, I can get a quote tomorrow if you'd like.
  3. As per the site rules, looking for $200 OBO, located in Naperville, IL, my name is Brian. Description below: I have a set of 4 used Sport Edition Valore wheels for sale. They have been used for 7 winters, the car was recently traded in so I no longer need the wheels. The car had a total of 68k on it over 9 years, so I would guess 10k - 15k on the wheels/tires, but at 8 years old (not used 1 winter), the age of tires make them a freebie. I know they should probably fit a lot more than just a 2000 Lexus GS300, the specs are: Wheels Size: 16x7 Pattern: 5 - 114mm ET: 35 Tires 215/60/16 BS
  4. Not 100% about how the lexus works, as my 2000 does not have this, but in my '05 Toyota it isn't actually a pressure sensor, it just senses the rotation of the axle, and can tell by that if the pressure is off in any of the tires. In anycase, if it ever goes off its just a matter of hitting the reset, which for the Toyota is at the very bottom of the dash above the gas pedel. Hope this helps.
  5. Yeah, thats one of my favorite forums, along with They have almost every single question you could have already answered, and some people know in depth the V1 circuitry. If you need any help or a display just let me know, currently have 5 in stock, they're selling like hot cakes.
  6. Pics of a concealed display, this one I modified so that the colors are different, if you been using your v1 for a while you probably have a hard time distinguishing bands at night too, so the colors do wonders.
  7. Thanks Doja. I have yet to cut any wires but looks like I might have to start probing them to find the right one for what I want to do. Sucks about your stereo! You don't have to cut anything for the V1, it comes with the splicer, so if you mess up you can take it out and it'll be near impossible to tell where you spliced it. The V1 is also fused, and quite sensitively, so the only damage would be if you shorted wires. The other thing I forgot before is to make sure it is a switch power source (comes on only when car on), because other wise your v1 will be on 24/7. I would agree with S
  8. I don't have any pictures, but I took power off the cigarrete lighter, and then you can run cord under the dash, up the a piller, and under the headliner. Heres one that's basically what I did. (
  9. I still have the lcd's with photo install instructions if your interested. Umm, not to sound ungrateful, but your photo instructions weren't that good. They were of the wrong radio, and I could not read your hand writing for the life of me. The unit works perfectly though, so thanks for that.
  10. Its just goes to the full size unit above the rear view mirror. This is just the display for the radar detector, not the actual detector. I guess I should have explained that before. The Valentine One is a great detector and would suggest it for anyone.
  11. I had the same problem. There are just two LEDs, not sure what type or voltage, but I had to replace the entire thing because some segments on my LCD burnt out too. I bought it off someone on here, can't remember who. Here are my pics: Looks back to normal now, took about 2 hours to replace. PM if you need help on how to take it apart. They dealerships wont help much either, they just want like $800 to replace the entire stereo.
  12. Test fit pictures of the display in the GS. Seems like it was designed to fit in the GS 300 Ashtray, its a perfect fit, and it closes perfectly to concealed when not using it. When you pull the ashtray out there's ton of room to work, and you can hook the hardwire kit up to cigarette's power.
  13. I would just get out a VOM and check which one gives you 12v. For the v1 you just need to find positive and then ground the other lead, great detector by the way.
  14. Keep the top ones, the other ones make it look like your a drug dealer, IMO of course.
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