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  1. I'm having the same issue. I have found that I can bump the dash above the instrument cluster and it will jump into place and start working.
  2. I've had to do this same repair twice. I bought my replacement antenna from a guy on ebay. It took about 45 minutes the first time and about 15 the second time. Grizzly's instructions are right on. Should not be a problem at all.
  3. My Ls430, Looks like a giant wild turkey in the background.
  4. What's the name of the shop in San Antonio?
  5. I had mine done at Midas with Bendix Ceramics about 6 months ago. All's fine.
  6. Can someone explain how this works? How do you re-train one? Is it possible to reset it and start from scratch? Thanks in advance.
  7. Which manufacturer? The tire manufacturer or the car manufacturer? I've been using 32psi and it seems to work fine but I've always been curious about which one is the best since they recommend different pressures.
  8. I also want to know which tire pressure to use. The one that Lexus recommends or the one the tire manufacturer recommends.
  9. I am not a fan of the Yokahomas. I've had them on my LS for two years now. Not sure which model of Yokos. I have not pleased with them at all. They have terrible traction on wet roads and they appear to be dry rotting. They also seem to be getting louder as they wear. They were installed by the dealer when I bought the car and have never been pleased with them. I have been researching Toyos Proxes tires as they were recommended to me by a local tire dealer. He said he could put 4 on for a drive out price of $359. I'm not familiar with them but I am leaning towards giving them a shot.
  10. There is something definitely wrong if it doesn't feel solid at 60. My 95 LS feels just as solid at 125 as it does at 60. I hit 100 today entering the freeway and the guy riding with me for the first time said he couldn't believe how fast it got there and how solid it feels. I would have someone check the suspension real close. I am far from being a mechanic but there may be some steering linkage loose, sway bars out of whack, bad spring, bad alignment or something like that. Don't quote me on the specifics but I would definitely have a qualified mechanic check it out. Good luck.
  11. Would you mind telling us what it cost to have it changed. I have 85,000 miles on my '95 LS and am trying to decide whether or not to get it done. Will there be any damage done if I breaks before I change it?
  12. JPI, Do you know of a good independent Lexus mechanic in San Antonio that can be trusted? I need to have some workdone ie; front shocks, brakes and 90,000 mile maintenance done.
  13. I am looking for feedback regarding Toyo Tires. I have not heard of them before but had a local tire dealer recommend them to me for my 95 LS 400. He did not mention which model but did tell me they are an excellent cost effective alternative to the more expensive name brand tires. He said they would be a huge improvement over the Yokahomas the dealer put on when I purchased the car a couple of years ago. Considering how poor the Yoko's traction on wet pavement is, I couldn't argue with him. He also mentioned that my Yokahomas appear to be starting to dry rot and the Toyos will be much better
  14. A friend of mine with a 1990 LS with over 200,000 miles convinced to buy mine. I haven't regretted it one bit. It is a great car.
  15. If you feel you have a legitimate claim against Lexus for actual damages caused you, then you should pursue it in court individually. I think class action lawsuits are way over utilized and are abused most of the time. This fishing for someone else to jump on the bandwagon with you does more harm than good to everyone. A couple of years ago I received a notice about a class action suit for a toy product that I had purchased for my son. I disregarded it and went on my way. Several months if not a year or so later, I received an $8 coupon as my part of the award/settlement. The coupon was for
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