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  1. Still think that engadging headlight switch partially then fully till "click" and then bulbs blew...or spilling small amount of ps fluid on alternator.."one of these caused surge...all good for now ..I will keep u all updated..thanks again everybody!!
  2. Brought back to dealer because I never had problem with trunk and gas door lid Before they installed headlight dimmer switch....while regestering car at services and telling them when problem Started ..service Man called tech and tech said problems related I said no...they brought in car and minutes later told me my car was done no forgot To reconnect conector somewhere I dont no where ...that was that sorry bout that or anything...had to drive 200 mi. To dealer..oh will everything working now
  3. Both gas lid and trunk switches not working....checked 30 amp fuse by switching with window and mono roof 30 amp ..still did not work...did not test fuse slot for power all work..
  4. Lock out button is not locked....first thing I checked not just once bit many times to make sure...about the dealership yes they blindly installed dimmer switch that I had brought.without any diagnostics at all..I went out to shop when mechanic just had old switch out and I asked if he tested switch and he said no..well find out When we install new switch...I had correspondance Before with dealer many times but we could not get on same page
  5. I think its time for an appliance Like 08 buick lasabre...boring ...thanks again guys though! .it seems like this is thr only place to get real anwers u guys aree the best
  6. I guess next time something happens I will bring to dealer and leave blank check ..and just get Josef or maybe people will say if u cant afford repairs u cant afford car...or maybe why dont I just bye new car make huge payments and be done w/it
  7. Thinking that burning out both bulbs at same Time was one in a million chance and that high beams and fogs still worked I was sure that dimmer switch was the cause so i bought one at napa...when I tried installment I could see I was over my head..on 94 itsa 3 hr. Job at i brought in to dealer after many corespondance over phone and without further diagnosis they installed no avail. I was in hurry that day so I left dralership...on way home I stopped for gas and gas lid door did not open ,niether did trunk latch,With switches inside car...they worked fine Before
  8. Yes i really did sptill some power steering fluid while topping it off ...I after wrk one day powersteering ry noisey..low on fluid...embarrased by noise I stopped at nearest parts store,I esa all out at home ,and tried fill with no funnel on windy day in Store parking lot...foolish mistake I know especialy With alternator underneath. Now for low beams on bulbs both burnt? ..Yes both are burnt.......I just remember that morning switching n lights and turning them half way,in between clicks on switch ..thats When both blew out
  9. Must have been surge ...replaced bulbs far so good all are working ...wonder if while switching on that morning With gloves on i partially engadged switch thats When they blew...or while trying to top off power steering I spilt on alternator ...4 days Later I got surge.....thanks for the help guys.never figured on surge
  10. How could both low beams in both bulbs burn out excactly the same time
  11. Yes the indicator light is green ..when the high beams are on ..It should be blue
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