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  1. I wish I could clay or polish it out but the chips seem to be to the primer. I have some touchup paint but it looks kind of crappy compared to the orginal finish. I guess at some point I'll have to have the front end repainted :cries:
  2. I've got a 2004 LS430 and after my trip to Florida last week, I've noticed about 15 or more small chips in the paint (bumper, grill area and hood). My car's color is Flint Mica and where the chips are it show the gray primer underneath (or something that is light gray) and looks like crap. I've owned BMWs and Mercedes and never had chips little these before. I did not see or experience any gravel hitting the front of the car, just bugs for the most part. This car has only 15,000 miles on it and it looks like it has seen 50,000 miles of bad road. Question: is this normal are do all Lexus's have soft paint?
  3. I've had the fix on my car since the first of the year and I've had no problems what so ever. So far, I am very pleased with the way it shifts and the response time.
  4. There are a few steps you need to do to setup the bluetooth but it is not the difficult. Ask your dealer for a cheat sheet on how to do it.
  5. djn, you said "And you can't get certain options (like the rear-seat luxury package) while having to take others (such as SmartAccess or whatever it's called, which may soon get on my nerves)." I personally love SmartAccess, it is pretty damn cool if you ask me. You CAN disable it by turning if off, then you can use the remote key like any other car.
  6. ktderby, I do not believe that the sc430 has bluetooth in it, at least I haven't heard that it does. I think only the '04 LS430 has bluetooth capability, much like XM radio is only available on the LS as well. If you have bluetooth capability in your SC then, yes just get a bluetooth capable phone, like the SE T616 or one of the Nokia's and it sets up much like any BT device does.
  7. I am not sure what verizons plans are concerning bluetooth. I was a Sprint customer and they drug their feet concerning bluetooth so I am with T-mobile and so far I really like both the phone and the service. Verizon and Sprint have both lost a lot of customers over bluetooth and I think it will continue.
  8. No, I am in the US. Only AT&T, Cingular and T-Mobile have Bluetooth that is usable in the Lexus (last time I checked). SonyEricsson make the T616 phone. You can checkout http:\\lexus.letstalk.com
  9. I am using the SE T616 cell phone with Bluetooth and it works great. I got it almost two months ago at LetsTalk.com and basically I got the phone for free. I got a cheat sheet from my dealer on how to install 3 different phones (supported by Lexus) using BT and I used that guide to setup my system.
  10. Mandingo, the LS ride quality is excellent compared to the X5 (non-sport) and handling is better as well. I've been getting about 17mpg in the city and 25mpg on the highway and it seems to be getting better as the engine is breaking in. I can't think of anything I miss about the X5, except the 4 wheel drive and I am sure I won't miss that when the streets are ice/snow free! My friend, who owns a 2002 LS430 was by yesterday and I took him for a spin (he has standard suspension) he said my LS felt like a completely different car. He also said he might have to trade for one like mine. :D
  11. Mandingo, your story is a lot like mine. I too owned a X5 (01) and it had way to many problems, enough that I too will never buy another BMW (unless they really change). Plus, the new styling sucks big-time. Bangle ruined (for me away) the few things I did like about BMW. BTW, I still own a 3 series, which has been pretty good and before the X5 I had a 5 series (it was almost a perfect car). I never particularly noticed the styling on the LS430 until the '04 facelift, little improvements all added up and when I test drove one with the sport suspension * I liked it * :D . Add bluetooth, AFS, DVD nav, etc. and it is the best value for a sports luxury model on the market. So far I am really enjoying my ride but unfortunately, the weather here is both sucking and blowing and it seems I can not drive anywhere without being rained or snowed on. Let us know how you like the LS once you get it.
  12. I have a '04 LS430 with sports suspension and I love it! It feels very close to a Euro type car. It is not as harsh a ride as a M5 but it is definately firm. If you have very bad roads in your area, I do not know if I would recommend it but otherwise it is awesome. I've owned BMW's and Mercedes and I would not have bought the LS without this option. I would test drive one just to make sure you like it.
  13. jtalley, I am using the SE T610 cell phone w/bluetooth in my LS430 and it works fine. I can only upload one address at a time but others insist it will upload all of them plus keep them sync'd - I have not figured out how to do it, yet! I too enjoy the integration of the electronics, esp. the Smart Access. Next up, XM radio - once my dealer has installed one, he wants me to be the first , only problem, they would be billing me per hour to figure out how to install it - I'll wait. You will enjoy the ride - I certainly have so far.
  14. LexusPilot, I am approaching 50 so maybe I belong in the old man's club :D . I was flying a friends Warrior before I tore up my shoulder (rotator cuff) and then wrist, all done playing golf. I hope to be recovered enough come spring to start flying again. I had been looking at buying a Cirius but all the crashes kind of spooked me. I've been enjoying flying my LS430 at the moment
  15. LOL! When I bought my '04 LS430 a couple of co-workers looked at me and asked "why are you driving an old man's car?". I responded, "Let me give you a ride in this ol' man's car", and I did. The car is a '04 LS430 w/ Euro tuned suspension. I took them to a very twisty road (25 mph curves) and traveled it in style doing 60+ mph :o Needless to say, they no longer call it an old man's car. I have owned mostly BWM's and Mercedes for the last 10 years and I very impressed with the LS430, so far. LexusPilot, did your dealer swap out your tires or did you sell the tires or trade them in? Just curious, I too would like a set of high-performance tire that were all season due to crappy winter weather here in the mid-west. (BTW, I also fly small planes and get most of my need for speed from them :D )
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