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  1. AZ, Read my thread Lexus LS 430 'Old Man's Car?" The road noise is the stock Bridgestone tires. It is a little bit stiffer but, worth the handling characteristics of the sports suspension. If you like an airy cushy ride of a floating Cadillac get the regular suspension. If you like the ride of a Mercedes AMG 55, euro handling feel with just enough smooth, go with the Sports Suspension with the Michelin Pilot tires. You won't be sorry!!! :D
  2. SW, Yes, indeed. I put that link in an early part of this thread. Very interesting read as well. :)
  3. Wow!! Read this article!!
  4. Anyone out there with an '04 LS 430?? If so, did u get the Sport Suspension with the 18" Wheels? It's not an "Old Man's Car" is it? B)
  5. Sw, Thanks, Yes it's a phone/PDA. I'll look up Lexus, than. :D
  6. SW, Is there a site on the web to see if my present Palm Kyrocera is compatible with the Bluetooth system? TIA :D
  7. Ouch,,, The turbine thing hurt me... LOL! But, when the turbines warm up, there's no catching ya. I bet, you still miss the feel of flying a real prop plane. All my friends who r jet jockeys still luv the props. You won't be disappointed with the '04 with the sport suspension and 18 wheels, just put on the the Michelin Pilot A/S's as soon as you get it. Viola.. Enjoy.... B)
  8. SW, All I'm saying is put everything in life to perspective. God, Family, Education, Wife, Kids, Job, Lexus '04 with sport suspension and Pilot Michelin A/S tires, Flying planes, Golf....and That's about it, as Bubba Gump would say about Shrimp.. :D
  9. Good Boy! I hope that u have a good education. It's the pinnacle of all vehicles @ this point, now. Go for it if u can, that's all I say. :D
  10. Todd, Becareful with the bikes. I do have a Harley V-Rod downstairs with only 300 miles.
  11. xBMWMan, I play golf a lot as well. I wanted a Cirrus SR-22 as well. It spooked me too with all the accidents with it. I'll stick with my Cessna 182 with a Texas Skyways mod. 300 horse for now. I also, have a 150-150 for doing the the pattern with a Garmin 430. It still amazes me how much the sport suspension has made the '04 LS 430 a Performance Monster. Wow!! :D
  12. xBMWMan, I'm curious, how old are you and what do you fly?? I think we ought to start a Lexus High Performance club. LOL. Better than any Q45 out there as well. :D
  13. xBMW, I bought the Michelins and kept the bridgestone's for later this summer. I already tried the Michelins on snow and ice here yesterday. They worked awesome. They are 10X the tire than those factory Bridgestones!!! So Quiet and smoother ride.. My buddy who owns a 2001 BMW M5 tested my car today on the same kind of situation you did. He was thoroughly impressed compared to his Bimmer. He said he's going to trade his Bimmer for same car with tires that I have. Go figure. Who would have thought if you fitted the '04 LS 430 with the right stuff that it would smoke the competition??!!! I would have never until now!!!!!!!!!!!!!! B)
  14. VBdenny, Good luck on your purchase in NC. I live in the Northeastern section of Tenn. When I say "Old Man's Car" it's because my son 13 year old thought it looks like one along with my 65 year old dad and my 36 year old brother-in-law. The styling doesn't give you "Gotta Have It!" attitude like the Bimmer. But, once you drive it, with the correct tires and sport suspension, it changes your tune fast. It's funny, when I picked up the car with my 13 year old he commented how bumpy it was compared to the SC 430. That was saying a lot, because my SC430 had 19 " wheels on it. After, I changed the tires out for the Michelins he stated that it feels like a Hovercraft riding on air!! :D
  15. B) Todd, I don't think I'll ever get another Viper, again. It looks nice sitting there, it just doesn't perform unless you keep in a straight line. It might have changed for the newer ones?? The Honda S2000 was quite frankly, a lot more fun to drive, like driving a mini F1 car. Anyway, I take my true speed fixes out in flying private airplanes instead. That's probably one of of the reasons I like the LS 430 so much. It reminds of being in a refined Beechcraft Starship Cockpit. Everything has a purpose. :D
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