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  1. MODEL: ES300 YEAR 2001. I recently changed battery after parking it for 4 months & for some insane reason decided to check Alternator. WHen I do testing in cold car, I get ok results 12.5 volt battery before starting and charging current of 14.2 volts after starting the car. (I get 14.6 volts at Terminal B of Generator as testing is recommended in FSM). Also, with blower, AC, Hi-beam running. Now when the car warms up - I start getting low voltage approximately 12.6 to 13.2 volts. An extra 0.5 volts at Terminal B of Generator. Till this time, car is running ok. I have not stopped b/c of
  2. I have same color Lexus yr 2001. When I was transporting the car - carrier damaged the bumper. I went over lots of You tube videos - finally decided to do it myself before a professional touches it. Even If I personally had created more mess it would not have made a difference b/c a paint shop will charge same amount of Money. I ordered Spary paint online (later I learned I can get it from Sherwin William paints and they pack it in a can infront of you in 10 minutes - Just tell them color code) and paint matched very well. Clear coat was not that successful as Duplicolor clear coats are horr
  3. 2001 ES300 have 2 different types of air filter. Pic are at Denso site. Make sure U buy the correct type. Denso Part # 453-1002 & 453-1004. Select correct type for your car
  4. I think it looks great in your 1996 Lexus. I am also thinking to buy one from 2002 lexus and install it in my 2001 lexus. Was wiring too difficult?
  5. Hi, I have to remove the front bumper from my 2001 ES300 to get it painted. Do you have a picture of front bumper also giving me an idea of screws location. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi, I have seen the posts for installing a navigtion system in Lexus. I also learned that JDM Windom had Navigtion system from 1997 - 2001. Does anyone know if we can use the Fujitsu Ten Eclipse Navigation system from Windom into Lexus. If yes then Can we install the US Maps into the JDM navigation??
  7. Hi, Does anyone know if Bugdeflectors are available for ES300 to prevent from bugs and paint chips.
  8. Recently I had to jump start my 01' ES300 in longterm Airport parking lot, since then the memory seat is not functioning. I can move the seat up/down tried to reset with factory service manual but invain. I tried to look for a fuse but it looks like there is no fuse for memory function. The seat goes up/down forward/back normally. Where should I look next?
  9. I got a reply from the company. I am not sure if on this forum we have a reseller or not. As the company is willing to manufacture the POWER SUNSHADE for Lexus. I am going to copy & paste the reply from the sales manager below. Since I am not a reseller, Just wondering is there a reseller who would be interested in importing this product and reselling it here. "JUST A THOUGHT" EMAIL REPLY: Dear Omar, We received your query from EC21 with many thanks Yes, we have sushade for Toyota LEXUS ES300,we can produce sunshade for more than 300 car models , we are a professional car sushade man
  10. Just found this website they THe company website is
  11. I have been looking for an aftermarket Power Rear Sunshade to install in 01' ES300 but so far I have not found any. Has anyone experienced installing a power rear sunshade from Infiniti or BMW or Merc or new lexus. If anyone know of a place where I can find one, please let me know. Thanks
  12. The rough shifting is also helped by adjusting throttle plate position sensor.
  13. Hi, After installing the needles in the instrument cluster - the temp sensor needle has lost its correct position and now it shows more than half when the car is warm & also the resting position has changed from bottom to 1/4th up. How should I fix the orignal position of needle so it shows me correct temperatues. Thanks.
  14. I am planning to change the LED on the needles myself. The question I have, Does anyone know for a waterfall type - what voltage needle I have to buy b/c the maximum volts I have come across is 2-3 volts. Do I need to put a resistor with the LED or the powersupply for Needle is already reduced to that range. Please advise so that I can buy a compatible LED either from EBAY or Radioshack. Thanks.
  15. Ok, I replaced P1 air hose and there was no change. I finally took out whole air intake system and checked IACV. Ohm meter does not show any resistance between B1 & S1 terminal. All other terminals show a resistance of 20 Ohms. Does this means I have to change IACV. 2. From Lexus it is available for $400 & from Advance auto parts it costs around $200. Do you think it is necessary to buy original part or the car will be ok with advance auto part.
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