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  1. What's odd is that I can go to Mapquest.com and it will direct me to my front door with no problem. Do they utilize the same data as GPS?
  2. I live in one of those gated communities for the filthy rich. I keep a Garmin portable GPS in my Camry. When I am coming home it instructs me to turn off the main highway into the entrance. After that it gives me the wrong directions to my house. With the NAV system in my RX350 as I near the entrance to my community it announces that it cannot give me turn by turn instructions in that particular area. Why the difference between the 2 systems and I thought the guidance originated from one place USAF satellites?
  3. I just had clear bra installed on my RX350 this past Friday so I can't comment yet on its effectiveness. Down here in Florida your car becomes a bug cemetary whereever you drive so I felt it was a necessary item.
  4. Thanks for your feedback. The Lexus guy just left my house. It took him 2 minutes to do the programming.
  5. The manual for my new RX350 says 30 PSI. I've read where 35 PSI would provide longer tire life and better gas mileage at the expense of a slightly harder ride. Opinions appreciated.
  6. I was interested in that color, but once the dealer told me it was greenish I lost interest. I think the reason you don't see Desert Sage on the lots is that it's not popular. I wound up with Savannah Metallic, a light gold.
  7. I saw the 08s on my Toyota dealer's lot today. It's not a bad looking vehicle. but sorely lacking in the muscular department. Not as macho as the RX or 4-Runner for that matter. An SUV that looks well suited if you want to project a family image IMO. Hyundai has outdone Toyota as far as styling goes with its Santa Fe and Vera Cruz.
  8. I just had my Camry serviced at my dealership and they convinced me to spend $29.95 to have the tires inflated with nitrogen rather than plain old air. They said the tire retains its pressure 4X better, wears longer and you get better mileage, handling and ride. Money down the drain or worthwhile spent.
  9. Thanks Rya, it done worked. Oh yeah, one more question on my personal profile, how do I add a second vehicle that I may own? Thanks You would do that the same way, but on the vehicle line, add a comma after the first vehcle. AFter the comma, enter the second vehicle. Any time! :D Once again I thank you for your help. Can you picture me trying to figure out the NAV system? Heck the cupholders baffle me.
  10. Thanks Rya, it done worked. Oh yeah, one more question on my personal profile, how do I add a second vehicle that I may own? Thanks
  11. I'm trying to figure out how to change my profile i.e. change vehicles? Can anyone walk me through the process?
  12. I took delivery of an 08 RX350 today. No matter how I struggle and strive trying to program the Homelink my garage door won't operate so I have to use the separate remote that came with the door. I have the same problem with my wife's 07 Camry. Can anybody tell me what the problem might be? Lexus has offered to come to my house and do the programming, but I'd hate for them to make a 2 hour RT for something that might be ridiculously simple.
  13. I believe the 09 400H will only come in a 7 passenger conformation.
  14. With the HP increase for 07 and moreso for 08 premium is required for the RX. If you drive a 400H 6K miles a year and I a 350 the same mileage yes you are greener than me. However if someone else is driving the H 12K a year then I am sticking it to Osama more than he is. You can spin it anyway you like. Besides I can always buy carbon credits like Al Gore and burn more energy than any 10,000 normal people.
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