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  1. hay, thank you to all of you tht helped me with my fog lights, i replaced them and now they work so i guess they really did go out at the same time, anyway now my problem is that they are burning waaaaaay too hot and it is melting my plastic, the outside of the actual foglight. i saw something on it today and went to rub it off with my finger and i actually screamed cause of how hot it was so i know just from common sence that fog lights should not make the plastic THAT hot so now i am gunna have to go back underneath there and figure out whats causing that.
  2. I am wondering if anyone knows what in the heck is the little thing on the right side of the steering wheel, it looks like a little speaker, like someone will speak out of it to anyway i have always wondered what it was and it says nothing about it in the owners manual. I am not sure how to explain what it looks like besides a speaker but to be clear it is on the right hand side of the steering wheel near the bottom and its a square thing with holes (openings). if anyone knows please ease my thanks
  3. i still havent gotten anyones opinion on how she looks for the year? i am just wanting to compare and
  4. Why are you selling the car?? What are you planning on replacing it with? well i got 2 sc300's and a sc400 and wen we bought them all about a year ago we thought they were going to be in imaculant condition but clearly someone photoshoped them in the ads but now we are wanting to sell one or two of them to get our money back and this is the one my uncle is wanting to sell the most but i guess youd have to see the other two to understand that but in my opinion it looks alright. i mean the paints nice for the most part and the motor is great, i just wanted other peoples opinions on if it was a pretty nice sc in general. people on here have alot more experience with them and what they should look like at this year and 122k miles on them, but if i sell one of them well just keep the other two but only one is being driven right now.
  5. where did you get that shift handle, wow! I want one. WHERE DID YOU GET THAT SHIFTER!!!??? I WANT ONE ALSO AND WHERE DID YOU GET THE STEERING WHEEL COVER?
  6. This is my 1995 sc300 and we are tying to decide if we are going to sell it. i think it looks okay and i have gotten so attached to the car that id hate to see it go, us girls are emotional so id cry my eyes out. anyway tell me what you think and that way ill have other peoples opinions.thanks amanda
  7. thnk you for the link. uhm, i had my boyfriends dad whoes been a mechanic for 34 years check the fuse and he said it was good. so i got underneath there and thought they might have been unplugged but they werent so i said ok well they must be bad and th bulb was attached to a little metal plate which was attached to the cluster, but if you think i should be able to get them anywhere than ill try but y bfs dad said id have to go to lexus and he works at advanced autoparts and he said they dont carry them. i am so confused. 'i have an sc3', I thinking you are mistaking the parklight bulb (168/198 part #) for the fog light bulb, here is a picture below of the parklight bulb, is this the bulb you took out of your Sc300? yes it looks like that, not blue but white and its the light farthest down to the ground. not the orange ones on the side but the sorta wierd shaped ones at the bottom. almost triangular.i couldnt get the bulb out thats why i thought it must be the whole cluster.
  8. I have figured out that the fog lights on my car are pluged in and the fuse is not bad so i have came to the conclusion that they are burned out, however i cannot tell so i tried to take them out and i dont know if you guys know what im talking about but its not just a bulb its a cluster type set up and so i was wondering if i have to buy the whole entire cluster or does the bulb come out? on my other sc300 the dash lights are out and i got a quote for that cluster and it was close to 300 dollars so i am hoping i can get some info on the fog lights and do not have to spend a fortune. has anyone had this problem or know what to do? do i have to take it to the lexus dealership or can i take it to toyota do you think?
  9. Thank you so much for replying i posted that question and havent gotten any help. i actually pulled out the bulb but i cannot tell if its burned out. and also i was told i cannot get the bulbs at a regular part store like autozone, do you know anything abou that? thanks again as no one around where i live has a car like mine much less knows anything about them, when i went to my autozone the guy asked me if it was the 4 cyl. and i said no 6 and he sai lexus only makes 4 cyl. so there ya thats why i was waiting on someone to reply. ;)
  10. I am desperatly needing help with the fog light part of my post anyone who knows please let me know. i am wanting to replace stock headlights with silverstar ones and am wanting to get the fog lights working where i can add the silverstars to them too.thanks
  11. i have a question about this, i have alot of squeeks coming from the back of my car and i am pretty sure it is the struts, we have wd-40'd them like 5 times but as soon as it rains they go back to squeeking did you have that problem and just got tired of it? also how much are you paying to have them replaced?
  12. Ok so i am new to this and i have a few questions that are really bugging me. i am really excited to have this forum to be able to post too and look to for answers. thanks for that BUT i am having a few problems with my 95 sc 300. FIRST:i have read all of the posts about fog lights not being main lights on models older than a certain year but mine is a 95 and and when i got the car about 5 months ago my fog lights worked, now they do not work, i have checked the fuse and its all good. it could be the bulbs but would they go out at the same time?.....and so i am a litte unsure but i think i read that there is some kind of switch that may have been turned off during maintenance. i just recently got my alternator replaced and the guy that did it does great work but is also great at not putting thigs back like he found hint hint maybe he unplugged something...anyway please please tell me all available knowledge on that. thanks SECOND: i was wondering if there was any difference in the older sc300 motors and the newer model sc3's as far as liter wise and hp. someone told me the older ones were better.thanks THIRD: i am in no way a but to tell you the truth one day some guy told me he thought sc300 stood for supercharged 300.lolololol :chairshot: so that is one reason why alot of people try and race me, i am a girl also so they think that im just gunne sit back and watch them run over my sc. not happenin anyways the point is, when i get on it a little bit up around 60, my car shakes and gets really loud and rumbly. its not a bad sound so i dont know if its supposed to do that? please help so i dont blow up my car. and also it redlines really fast. thank you for any answers.....i have been waiting to get varification to post
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