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  1. Damnit AWJ, reading stuff like this makes me not want to sell my car! :) I had plans to go with the toyomoto kit too...but being a college student, my funds are a little scarce, I even thought about taking out a loan for it. *sigh* i'm glad your new ride is working well for you!
  2. AWJ, do you know of any step by step guide for replacing the timing belt?
  3. Yeah, i'm still selling the ride, but that's not keeping me from doing regular maintenance on it. The day I put it up for sale I ordered new rear brake pads, NGK plugs, and that K&N cone filter for it! :) That was just me being obsessive with the need for more performance. he he he. by the way thanks for all the info.
  4. I have a question about the timing belts. Would I be able to tell by looking at it if it's original or if has been replaced. MY car has 104,000 miles on it and I have no idea if the timing belt has been changed. The previous owner used the maintenance records in the manual, but the dealership I bought the car from ripped them all out. ??? How much does this normally cost to get it taken care of.
  5. PRICE REDUCED TO $10,900!!!
  6. PRICE REDUCED TO $10,000!!! I forgot to mention the bolt on items. K&N cone filter w/MAF adapter, Jacobs Ignition, NGK Plugs, Cusco Strut bar, Eibach springs.
  7. I know that the automatics had an option for traction control. It's a blessing in the snow, but for balls out driving in takes the fun away. You can turn it off and diff still transfers a little power under slippage, but under full throttle you'll smoke one tire. The manuals didn't come with trac, i don't believe. as far as things to look for, i can't think of any, just as long as the person has had it maintained it should be fine, they're very reliable cars. I have a 1992 sc300 auto for sale if you're curious. i've done some after market work and such to it. so email me if you're inter
  8. I'm selling my 1992 sc300. I've done a few bolt on mods and have taken very good care of my car(is in better shape now than when I bought it). 103K miles, all of the factory options including heated seats, TRAC, and the 12 disc changer. Car has normal wear that one would expect. Email me for more pics and detailed info. I have more info at my other posting in the buy and sell section of the forums. It's yours for $11,900 OBO.
  9. Hey everyone, I'm selling my 1992 sc300. It has 103,000 miles on it with a new battery, trd brake pads (rear), eibach springs, ngk plugs (less than 200 miles old), a jacob's electronics ignition, K & N cone filter and a cusco strut bar. I'm asking $11,900 but i'm willing to make a deal because it is in average shape and will come with all of the mods. I've had the car for a little over a year now and I've never had any problems, well, except for the burnt out needles. :)
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