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  1. Ditto. Yesterday, I've noticed the wear on the drivers seat in the exact location described. The truck has ~12K! This is ridiculous. Never had these problems on the 10year 140K+ audi. The leather on the seats should be treated to withstand the 'normal' wear -- its not like your skin. Cheap materials.
  2. Maybe one should do some basic research (I provided the recall # after all :) ) before submitting their ingorance for all to read or .... such response is intentional, -- hence, my point..
  3. Folks, I was surprised to find out about this recall by reading posting from this site. I found the confirmation for that in the NHTSA database. When I went to check for the sticker, that I clearly remember visible on my driver's side window, it disappeared. All other original stickers didn't, including a temporary set of dealer tags. When I mentioned it to my rep at Lexus, there was a long pause and no response. This is a big concern to me since I purchased the vechicle in part due to a Tax benefit. In addition to me having problems with 1. AC not cooling when hot 2. vibration dur
  4. Too bad you can only vote once in your poll -- I have other problems as well, at least 3 additional ones that I experience. Air Conditioner not cold enough in hot weather Acceleration hesitation -- wife's big complain Vibration from drive shaft at speed -- yep felt that, several times, in a curve, accelerating around 2K RPM and 50 MPH This car seems to have too many defects -- very UN-Lexus-like... very disappointed
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