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  1. I just replaced the cd changer/cassette deck on our 2005 RX330 with the Sony AVX-AX100 (car play unit). Purchased the deck through Crutchfield. Simple installation and gained tons of functionality. We do not have navigation. I bought the module to retain the steering wheel controls. I installed a backup camera as well. You can easily add a inexpensive headunit and gain hands free calling and bluetooth streaming and usb playback. The nice thing about purchasing through Crutchfield is they pretty much give you the harness and trim kit to do the install. I wish I could install the same head unit in our 2006 LX470, but the climate control integration prevents it.
  2. Pretty sure the process would be the same. You'd just be replacing the LOADING.KWI file with the gen 4 file instead of the gen 5. The instructions just provide the overall software and steps to follow when trying to create a hybrid disc. Pretty sure as far as nav goes the gen 4 is the same for Lexus and Toyota.
  3. I saw a post on one of the Toyota sites saying that someone had been successful with a Gen 4 and 9.1. Here is a link to the most detailed set of instructions that I've found: http://www.tundrasolutions.com/forums/gps-and-navigation-assistance/199387-toyota-sienna-lexus-es350-hybrid-v9/ I don't have a 10.1 disc to try this with yet though.
  4. This looks to be the information for Gen 4 DVD Navigation systems 2004-2006. The information comes from a wiring diagram for a 2004 Land Cruiser. I haven't pulled my Nav out yet to confirm in my 2006 LX470. The two wires are in connector M5 in the top row of connectors passenger side of Nav unit as it sits in the dash. The parking brake wire is red w/ a white stripe at pin 16 The VSS wire is violet at pin 25 Gen 4 DVD Bypass.pdf
  5. Here is the wiring diagram for 2004 Land Cruiser I mentioned looking at. I thought it might be helpful to others. It also includes the connector and pin location for the DVD bypass mod. I believe this covers 2004-2006 Gen 4 Nav Units. 2004 Land Cruiser Nav Wiring.pdf
  6. I spent some time looking at a service manual for a 2004 Land Cruiser tonight in search of the dvd output location. Here is what I came up with: At the DVD Changer it's in the D26 connector (20 pins in the connector) pin 9 wire color is white. At the Multi-Display it's in the M7 connector (6 Pin Harness Top Row of connects on back of the Nav Unit on the Drivers side) It's pin 1 color white Hopefully I'll have some time this weekend to see how well the 2004 Land Cruiser wiring diagram translates to a 2006 LX470. This location at the head unit differs from the other references I've come across, but they appear to be for older vehicles. The other post reference a red wire with gray spots on the passenger side. I'll let you know what I find. Rick
  7. I had not seen this one before. Here is a link to a pdf file that shows how to remove the nav unit from a 2006 LX470: Navigation Stereo Removal Instructions