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  1. Then use a standard filter wrench to open up the filter housing. Changing the oil on these cars isn't the messey job it used to be!
  2. I like the new filter setup, reminds me of a motorcycle filter. Just remove that little cap, find a hose for the plastic thing and you will drain the oil from the filter. See pictures.
  3. It was a $99 option on the window sticker. Rear seat has them too.
  4. I placed an order for 10 oil filter kits today. The dealer wanted $8.08 plus tax, I got them for $4.33 each and no tax. Part number for the AWD filter kit is 04152-YZZA2 Should look similar to this filter kit:
  5. I found a diagram of the oil filter used on the GS350 and LS460.
  6. But they give us a "Free" wash and vacuum! LOL I change my own oil every 3000 miles, but I’m a gear head and enjoy working on my car. .
  7. That's only $3,511 off MSRP, you can do better. I received a phone quote of $42,800 for an MSRP of $47,511, I'm going in tomorrow after work to seal the deal. Good luck!
  8. 3/8"
  9. I would use a genuine Toyota oil filter also. Why somebody would want to save 5 bucks on a $35,000 Lexus is beyond me. Mobil1 5w30 is NOT the lightest oil on the market and is not the cause of the problem. You could have reduced flow in the oil passages inside the motor. This would be worse during a cold start due to thick oil, in which case lighter synthetic oil is helping you not hurting you. The bad news is that it could be caused by the OIL SLUDGE problem, use the search here for more info. What is the repair history (oil changes) for the car? You can pull the front valve cover off in a
  10. The rubber swaybar bushings are verry easy to replace! It's #14 in the attached pictire.
  11. If they are the bushings I am thinking of then yes, it is easy to do.
  12. Miguel Good news for you, if you only need 1 bushing. Buy them cheap on line from Park Place Lexus in Plano Texas. The site is check the on line "Body parts" catalog for pictures and prices. Other people on this site told me about them and I got parts from them cheap and fast. Good luck Dude they aint nothin like your Nissan 240 drifting machine. Tuners install poly bushings not rubber ones, but it would be stupid to ruin the Lexus ride quality with hard poly bushings. What year is your es300?
  13. I checked everything when I did the struts, all the control arms and control arm bushings are good. The 4 control arms bolt to a large sub-frame kind of thing thats held in by 4 bushing assemblies, that could be the problem. Those 8 subframe bushings cost $200. This is what they redesigned in later models. My advice is to replace the strut cartridges, our 94's don't need wheel allignment afterwards and they are cheap. I bought KYB units for like $36 each. The upper strut mounts were $75 each from Lexus and weren't worn out, so I advise not to replace them unless they are bad. I think I can
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