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  1. I agree. The best option would be to get an SRT intake/piggyback ECU designed for the GS400 and cut the intake pipe to make it fit the LS. OR go to home depot and construct your own intake piping, and purchase a cone filter that doesn't need to be oiled. If neither of those suits you, you can at least get rid of all the plastic air scoops and tubing leading to the air filter. Prob won't increase power, but makes the engine sound a bit throatier.
  2. I ended up getting the SRT intake for my LS400. Had to modify it a bit with a hacksaw, but I wanted the piggyback ECU that came with it.
  3. A new filter isn't gonna do much. All the restriction is in the exhaust system... too many cats
  4. If you replace the factory amp with something aftermarket, you're going to lose the sub, unless you buy an amp for that as well. Or you could leave the factory amp in place just to power the sub, and get a 4 channel amp for the speakers.
  5. When I removed the vents in my '98 they wouldn't go back in right. The horizontal fins fell out and don't seem to fit back the way they used to be. Any suggestions?
  6. As far as I can remember, It's always just opened a crack and I've had to lift it the rest of the way. Of course now my trunk has to be slammed to close it. Ever since it got rear ended and repaired, the trunk just doesn't quite match up... *oh well*
  7. You'll need to remove the glove box, as the ECU is behind it. Check this site out for some pictures of glove box removal in an ES300: http://www.carstereohelp.com/stereoremoval...S300CDChgrR.htm It's pretty similar to the LS400. There are screws you'll need to remove and then the glove box also clips in, so even after you remove the screws, you'll still have to give it a good tug to get it out. Just go slow and make sure you look around for all the screws/bolts. I'm giving info. based on my '98 LS400, but it should be pretty similar for a '91. Also, there's probably a bolt you'll have to open the glove box to get to, as it sits behind a removable panel on the inside of the glove box. Good luck :)
  8. I'd start by just pulling off the speaker grille to see if it's connected.
  9. Does anyone know if the rims from the '05+ IS250/350 will fit on a '98 LS? I know they have the same bolt pattern, but that's about it. Thanks
  10. Like everyone here has mentioned, it really depends a lot on your driving style and where you do most of your driving. When I really start to lay down the acceleration, I can drop down to 16mpg or lower, but if I cut back and drive a little less crazy, I can get up to around 18-19mpg. This is with a fairly equal combination of city and freeway driving in/around boston. (in a '98 LS) The car used to be my mom's, and with her driving style, she'd get 24+ mpg, even in the city.
  11. Haha, this is a lexus forum, cost of ownership is nothing new...
  12. Sounds like your strut is probably in need of replacement. How does the car ride?
  13. I've always felt that a BMW's strong point is its combination of handling and smooth ride. My mom has a '99 328i, and the interior is definitely nice, but I think Mercedes and Lexus have a leg up in that department. I've always liked Honda interiors as well. Maybe not so much in terms of luxury, but in terms of ergonomics and usability.
  14. That would be nice, as the one I have now doesn't require any oiling, and that's one of the things I like most about it. I'll check it out.
  15. I raced my '98 LS against my friend's 540. The 540's fairly equivalent, though I did pull ahead slightly. This was in a straight line, and I think with some curves thrown into the mix, he would have easily taken the lead. (Not quite sure what year the 540 was, maybe a couple years newer than mine though?)
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