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  1. Mityvac has been around for a long time. They work good and make the job much easier and cleaner. Wick
  2. Yes, that's it. I couldn't remember the name of the program. I would save some people some grief if they would do this type of thing BEFORE they modified their car. What looks good on one car may not on another. Wick
  3. If you keep the colors close to the same it may work. I can't think of the name of the program that you can change the look of your car after you load a picture of it but it works good. Do that first before you decide and save yourself some grief. Doesn't the Tire Rack weg site have that so you can look at different wheels on your car before you buy them. It's a good site to see wheels on your car because they ask you what your car is and what color it is. Try it. Wick
  4. I always wash the motor with Gunk or other engine cleaners and then start the motor right away to evaporate some of the water. Try and cover your distributor and other sensitive components with tin foil (because you can form it easily). You may not want to do this in your own driveway because of the dirt and grease you will have to clean up afterward and if keeps the little lady happier. BTW, I don't shine my motor up but you guys have done a great job on yours. Wick
  5. Sometimes you have to be creative when working on cars. On some cars it is easier to remove a wheel and get to things that way. Older Pontiacs with A/C were a big pain to change plugs in until someone showed me that trick. Also very long extensions work well. I have a 4 ft Snap-On (expensive but worth it) that has gotten me out of a few jams. I guess I got a little off topic. Wick
  6. Same thing happened to me. The alignment solved it. I couldn't believe the tires wore that fast when it happened to me. Wick
  7. A friend and I had a '68 GTO that we street raced (alot). It started out at 3845 lbs and we got it down to 3100 lbs even after we added an eight point roll bar. A/C has to go and not just under the hood, under the dash as well. Seats replaced, cruise control, windshield washer motor, you name it. Start looking at every component of your car and think about if you need it or not or if it can be modified to be lighter. How often do you use your parking brake? That stuff wieghs quite a bit. But think of safety as well. I saw some very fast cars that had brakes that wouldn't stop a riding l
  8. Class Action lawsuits are for the lawyers. Just like jbsmithsa, I recieved a notice from my credit card company that stated I was entitled to $3.75 while the lawyers were getting about seven million. The way I see it if you don't like the warranty or the manufacture, buy another brand. Don't make me have to pay more for a car becuase you don't feel Lexus treated your warranty right. Wick
  9. It all depends on how hot or cold your climate is. Down in Houston I have no problems running 10W40 in my car. If I lived in a colder climate I would most likely use 5W30. But remember that an oil that is too thick will cost you HP. I saw a test recently (on a dyno) that the motor had 90 PSI of oil pressure using 20W50. They changed to 10W40 and picked up about 10HP. I was amazed by how much they picked up but the numbers don't lie. Rule of thumb is 10 PSI of oil pressure for every 1000 RPM. Wick
  10. Same question here, I thought you were replacing the whole lower arm. What brand of bushings did you use? Wick
  11. That's why I'm *BLEEP*ed, they haven't been lubed. I'll cut one open and see what it looks like inside. I can't believe Toyota would let Fram be their supplier. AWJ, what about those filters you just bought. Are they lubed? (sounds like we're talking porno) Wick
  12. You mean to tell me my Toyota filters I've been buying for my Toyota and Lexus are Frams? I'm *BLEEP*ed! I'll start buying Wix filters and that way I'll know what kind of filter I have from now on. Has anyone tried an oil call Royal Purple? Wick AWJ, I was kidding about the filters. Get it? Check is in the mail? ha ha
  13. Yup, I had to replace those bearing on my 4-runner at 200K miles. They weren't too bad but I figured I should do it now instead of later. Too bad I didn't check the bearing that is in the center that the fan bolts to, it froze about month later and wiped out my new accessory belts. Ouch, $500 bucks to fix that one and I did the work myself. Wick
  14. I wanted to used the spoiler that had the brake light in it but couldn't figure out what to do with the brake light in the rear window. My windows were tinted so I would have a "tint hole" in my rear window. Just something to think about. Wick
  15. My first upgrade on my '93 SC300 was 17's in place of the 15's. The car just didn't have the look when I bought it so three days later I went to a wheel shop and we tried about five different wheels before I bought the ones that set my car apart. Well worth the cost. Wick
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