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  1. One owner, non-smoking. 2 option car, leather & sunroof Ash (?) interior - gray with hint of green 16" American Racing AR157 rims, original 15" rims included Two Dunlop Sport Signatures and two Ventus HRIIs BFI & K&N Engine, tranny, rear good. Synthetic oil & lubes since breakin. Interior 21 years old, but most wear is driver's seat, and it's not bad. Exterior has had any dent repaired immediately, has typical rock chips and door dings (courtesy of the Pentagon parking lot). Typical SC things already fixed: both window mechanisms starter points repaired trunk lifts (twice!) Steering wheel recovered- good work from Texas, not a store bought thing distributor O-ring replaced alternator replaced (because of distributor o-ring!) timing belt replaced AC compressor replaced (still R-12) Needs TLC in other areas. Typical SC things it needs: Clutch less than 10K old, needs proper bleeding and it chatters a little. High Pressure PS hose leaks gauge lighting going, including needles not lighted (takes some getting used to) automatic climate control intermittent AM/FM/Cassette recently started intermittent off and on (no CD) "Needs" antenna mast. Goes up, comes almost down to about 8". Victim of commercial overhead door. Replaced once before so the guts do come apart. I love this car - I just don't have the time and energy to put in to it. Moving from VA to MA, shedding lots of things. I wouldn't hesitate to drive it anywhere. Pics soon when it stops raining. Jonas Robinson jrfiero@aol.com Arlington, VA
  2. There's a more up-to-date version and page - http://www.planetsoarer.com/BFI3/bfi3.htm
  3. sorry buddy - really don't get that one at all can you explain a bit better please? ← Sorry I didn't explain myself well. It's the "Goto last unread" icon. It's there now, but not working the way it used to. Used to be I'd check in the morning, look at a couple posts, and go away. That seemed to clear all the 'Goto last unread' icons, which appear only next to posts with new replies. Then if I checked back later in the day, or several days later, only the posts with new replies since I was last on would have the 'Goto last unread' icon. Now, the 'new replies' indicator and the 'Goto last unread 'stays on when I go away and come back, at least in the same day. I haven't tested it over longer periods.
  4. I don't get the 'go to posts since you last read' or whatever its called, used to show up before the post name in the list.
  5. "There are THOUSANDS and most make over 600 hp" Really? More than 2000, and more than 1000 of them make over 600hp? I'd say that's optomistic.
  6. According to the diagram in the shop manual, it's on the passenger side rear, obviously down low. I 'spect you realize that if you just remove the radiator hose, you leave all the coolant below the water pump in the block. And there's a drain !Removed! on the radiator, driver's side rear.
  7. "He also stated in planet soarer that the main reason they took that location is due to the active suspension components or intercoolers in the way." Although they do have those considerations, the BFI1 page talks about the volume of pressurized air (with the lowered plastic radiator shroud) having a definite effect on WOT performance of the intake system. In fact, he blocks the area under the headlight, I assume to hold in the accumulated pressure. He says the center opening works far better than the snorkel he first built to get air from under the headlight. Unless I'm confusing "under the headlight" and "passenger side grill opening." Are we talking about the same place? Even so, unless someone takes some pressure measurements which differ from Peter's, I think I'd stick with his whole idea. The whole picture is in all the articles, starting with the ASLC page then working through BFI1 - BFI3 . He also has a measurement of pressure loss if you don't block the battery side, mentioned earlier in this thread. By the way, my ASLC link previously http://www.lexus.australia.as/entry.htm is the home page, then you have to go to the Technical Info tab, then "Air intake modification and report." I do have a question for you 97+ guys - I assume the upper grill which we 96- guys don't have is for intake air, not radiator air. If so, that seems it would serve the same purpose as lowering the plastic shroud. Thoughts?
  8. In the orig BFI instructions there's a discussion explaining that taking air from under the headlight does not work as well as opening up the area in front of the radiator. The ASLC page http://www.lexus.australia.as/entry.htm shows initial work on a CAI, with great improvement from under the headlight. But Peter Scott's page http://www.planetsoarer.com/#BFI has the straight scoop (pun unintended).
  9. I vote for the sunroof drains. I had a similar problem, not yet sure its fixed. But my sunroof drains were clogged, not disconnected. I blew them out with compressed air, then checked by pouring water into them (sunroof open). Do a search on sunroof, you'll find a number of threads. The rear drains are easily visible behind the rear quarters, big clear plastic tubes. It appears to me that the fronts drain into the rocker panels. I took off the front inner fender liners expecting to find the drains, but no luck. LOTS of mud tho, you'd be surprised.
  10. My 93 SC300 probably has the slot (haven't checked yet), but there's no mention of a filter in the manuals. Interestingly, the same is true of my 2001 Highlander. They didn't come with filters, but when the 2002s came out with filters, you could buy the bracket and filter and slip it right into place in the 2001! Seems silly to me that Toyota didn't just put it in in the first place (in either car). Anyway, a year or so after I installed the HL filter I finally dragged it out to clean it, and I was amazed at all the crap in it. So, good advice above for owners of older cars, check for leaves and all, and put a filter in there!
  11. Lextreme - Sorry, its the Lexstasy site which says "These Top Speed Headers Will boost your horse power at least 15+ horsepower by eliminated to catalytic converters."
  12. Has anyone used headers on an SC300 and retained the cat? The Lextreme site says something like 'you gain 15hp by removing the cat' in its explanation of the header performance improvement. If the hp increase is due to removal of the cat, do the headers make much of an improvement themselves? I read elsewhere that our cats flow quite well. I know the headers are for 'off-road use only,' and I know you'd have to make up a Y pipe to bring the two flows back together. Just wonderin' ...
  13. Anyone know how to unclog the sunroof drains? Or where they are, for that matter.
  14. I have an SC300, and I've driven several IS300s. The IS handles better. It was built as a BMW-fighter, not a luxury sports coupe. That must have been one clapped-out RSX. U-turns? My basis of comparison for handling is my modified 3rd gen RX-7. SCs can be made to handle like Supras, but stock they're nothing to write home about. I took it to a road course once and was very impressed, but impressed for a luxury sports coupe, not a sports car.
  15. When I first bought my 93 SC300 the salesman told me the steering wheel memory (or some other electrical part of the steering column movement thingy) would slowly draw from the battery when the car wasn't used. You can shut it off with a switch on the left side of the column. Don't know if it's true, just passing it along.