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  1. DougJohn2, it is doing much better. I had to have the head gasket replaced and have the head surfaced. That fixed the oil/coolant leak. At the same time I had to have the head/throttle body cleaned of Carbon. It was plugged up real bad. I replaced the 3 components of the EGR system and that fixed the CEL. However, it still knocked real bad even on 93 octane. When they pulled the head off, the mechanic showed me the EGR port on the intake. It was totally plugged with carbon. Now that I have all of this done, it drives great. Even runs on regular gas like it is supposed to do. For th
  2. I use the Toyota oil filter (new one) and my truck takes right at 8.5 quarts to get it to the full line after a complete oil change. This is what the FSM states (I think). The manual states the amount of oil from the low line to the full line is 1.6 quarts (aproximately). My truck has a bit of a consumption issue also. No smoke at start up or anything but I seem to burn about a quart every 1600-1800 miles. Not what I wanted for a Toyota Truck with only 80k but it seems to be the case. Some seem to do this and some do not. The PO of my truck did not keep up with the fluid maintance (I
  3. I can tell you I replaced all 3 components and still had pinging. Espacially at normal acceleration. What I found out was there is a port about as big around as your pinky finger. This port is on the intake plenium and is accessable only after you have removed the throttle body. Mine was completely plugged with carbon. My CEL went out when I replaced my VSV but this port was the cause of the pinging. Hope this helps. Andrew
  4. Thi, I use mine to tow a flats boat to the keys (about 1000 miles round trip). Mine with all the gas and gear may be at about 2000lb. My temp guage does not move. I am not sure but that does not seem normal. I would check your fan clutch and make sure it is ok. Also the thermostate and the radiator, are they in good shape? I have been told that the temp guage on these trucks is not very sensative (if it is going up your truck may be getting hotter than it shows). Do you have a way to check the coolant temp and see what is going on? Now that I have practitially rebuilt my truck (includ
  5. Rookie, I just ordered a repair manual for the LX450 on Ebay for $85 including shipping so not to bad. Thanks again!!! Andrew
  6. Rookie, I got a quote from for $175 for a used Intake. Do you think that is a good price? Thanks Andrew
  7. Rookie, thanks again for the fax the manual and your NOTES were invaluable to repair this. I did it Sat AM with little problems. The CEL is now off so I hope I am ok. THanks also for the other website information. Unfortunately after talking to them, I need some serious help with my truck, Headgasket is down the road and I need to get my Birfields repacked. Still not sure if I am going to keep this thing. Another thing I noticed while doing this repair, one of the nuts that holds the intake together has been overtorked by someone and cracked the intake at the part where the screw goes in
  8. Thanks Rookie, I do not seem to be getting the CEL anymore so it may be ok. I will definatly check out that web site as I am at a loss. The Headgasket or what ever my seeping leak was my mechanic put some stuff from Cheverlotte into the radiator and it has not leaked since. Kind of scarry, huh. Supposed to stop the electrolisis that eats the gasket???I have alot of issues with this truck and if it does not get better soon, it will go by by. I wanted one of these things forever but this one has been a total frustration. Thanks Andrew
  9. Ok, I switched out the EGR and the Modulator and we will see if the CEL stays out. I took it for a test drive and it is still pinging. Could this still be because of the VSV? I have no idea at this point. Thanks Andrew
  10. Rookie, thank you for getting me that info. It is very much appreciated. The VSV cost me Just under $100 with tax. I am getting no deal from the dealer. My Wife's Cousin owns a local tranny shop and can get me a discount on parts but I hate to bug him. What I plan on doing is replacing the EGR and the modulator and see how the truck drives/acts. I do have the old green top modulator so I may be in luck. If I am still having CEL and pinging issues, I am going to attempt the VSV on Saturday. THe info in the FSM is much more detailed than Alldata and your notes are a BIG + but I am a li
  11. Rookie, according to the FSM, do you have to drain the coolant to remove the Throttle body? Alldata says you do in the process and that seems odd to me. I would hate to waste my coolant as that was just serviced. Thanks for the help. Andrew
  12. I am definately going for the manual. My Alldata is useless for this kind of repair. What is really bad is the mechanics around here do not use them and they end up wasting my time and money doing the wrong thing (like spending all day trying to get the fuel filter off). What is involved in taking off the throttle body? I am trying to get a hold of a manual real soon. Thanks for the info.
  13. Thanks for the info. I went ahead and ordered the parts from Toyota. Cost me $300 for all 3. I am going to try and replace them all this weekend. All look easy except for the VSV. Where is this thing? I heard in another forum that you could remove the support bracket for the Intake and get to it. I see a vachume module of some sort directly below the intake but I am not sure this is the VSV. It figures the most common problem part would be the one impossible to get to. I am anxious to replace these parts on mine as I have been having problems with pinging even with 93 octane gas. I h
  14. This is my latest problem and appears to be a EGR problem. I looked at Alldata and it can be one of three parts. Does anyone have any experience with this problem on a LX450? I am tempted to change the Valve myself and save the trip to the mechanic. It is easy to get to and not to expensive. Thanks for the help. Andrew
  15. Good info Dougjohn as I have the whistle also in my 97 LX450. Thanks Andrew
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