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  1. My 1998 GS 400 has a squeal when applying brakes . Been doing that for 3 years without any loss in brake function. What happens when booster fails? Will I be able to stop the car but with more peddle pressure needed or will brakes fail ? I understand that brake master cylinder and booster are all one unit and replacement parts cost $2500 without labor . Getting used to the noise which is not noticeable when temperature is above 75 degrees. Real noisy in Buffalo winters however.
  2. Salty roads during Buffalo,N.Y. winters are a fact of life. I have it washed at a drive thru auto wash weekly and now considering spray undercoating the vehicle at a local shop. Is this a good idea or will the undercoating process clog the normal water draining passages on the GX body.and cause other rust issues. Any other North Eastern U.S GX owners have any comments whether undercoating is a good idea??
  3. My 2019 GX 460 is becoming difficult for 5 foot tall wife who has arthritic leg condition to enter and exit vehicle on passenger side. Same issue if she wishes to drive when entering the driver's side. Is there some option others have tried to make entry and exit easier for shorter seniors. I was wondering if a different running board that was wider or with an additional higher step than the O.E unit is available in the aftermarket. I remember some of the competitors to the Lexus GX model had grab bars positioned near the center console to make entry easier. That might help if available for my situation .
  4. My 2019 owners manual calls for 91 octane gas that is TOP TIER rated. Neither of these (2) requirements are available in gasoline stations conveniently close to where I live. What do most owners use to keep the GX running as it should without gas containing the proper additives to keep the engine/valves deposits in check and eliminate engine knock?
  5. how do I start my 2019 GX 460 with key fob?
  6. 2015 RX 350 air conditioner seems to cool erratically. Occasionally on super hot days, it won't work at all. What's going on? If I take it to the dealer it may work. Can the dealer determine why it dosn't cool on some days. What controls the cooling is it a thermostat that may be failing on occasion.
  7. had a similar problem years ago with my 1998 GS400. car shut of on highway. after pulling over it immediately started with no further problem. Brought the car for a check up to toyota dearer and toyota dealer service rep discovered interruption following a check of the car's computer but no clue of why it shut off. service technician then noticed i was driving the car with 2 lexus keys on the key ring(i then owned 2 different lexus vehicles). i was then advised to separate the 2 different keys with separate key rings. and have since then never had the problem again. I still have the '98 gs400 and always drive the car with one key on the ring. hope this experience helps you.maybe different keys on a single key ring can send a signal to each other that disrupts the ignition system???
  8. 1998 GS 400 making brake booster screech noise for last 2 years. Car stops just fine and booster is functioning as it should. Cost to repair estimated at $2500-$3000. I have 3 questions re: my situation: (1) I can live with noise, but will I be able to stop car if booster fails? (2) How much warning will I get before booster no longer works ? (3) Is vehicle safe to drive with booster no longer functioning ?
  9. My 1998 GS400 may require a new brake booster as a loud squeaking noise is becoming a regular occurrence when car is cold and brakes are applied. In warmer weather the noise disappears when the car is driven for a while. The brake booster and master cylinder are a single unit. Can anyone advise where such a new or rebuilt unit can be purchased. I understand that the units may be expensive and difficult to locate. I am located in Western New York and local distributors don't stock the item I am searching for. Any tech recommendations would be appreciated.
  10. Live in Buffalo, NY and wonder how many miles to expect from my 2015 RX 350 all wheel drive.Car was Purchased new.
  11. My 1998 GS 400 (115,000 miles on vehicle) has a brake booster screech when applying brakes,especially when outside temp is cold. Screeching noise is usually quite short in duration and often goes away after driving for an extended time. I understand a new unit is quite expensive and is labor intensive to install. I'd like to know what options exist for repair. Also what would be expected if I just drive the car as is and wait until the pump fails to address the problem.
  12. My 2015 RX 350 with only 12K miles is still leaking oil after having been repaired by dealer less than a month ago. That repair required dropping the sub frame containing the engine and front drive assembly to fix the timing chain cover gasket. Dealer said it is a common problem ( over 50 vehicles in the last couple of years) with the RX 350. Of course I'm discouraged by the fall of Lexus quality in the last few years. I had traded a 2004 RX 330 with only 64k miles on the speedo for this vehicle. That car had an unrepairable oil leak in the all wheel drive transfer case. I wonder if Lexus should be giving customers a recall for the RX models. So far warrantee has covered the first timing chain gasket repair and I've yet to contact the dealer for another fix...hope I don't get into an unpleasant issue with current problem. I'm Not really happy with Lexus.
  13. Is it necessary to have rust preventative undercoating applied to 2015 RX 350 where I live in Western New York because roads are salted on a regular basis in winter? Lexus dealer thought it probably wasn't necessary because metal panels were treated when car was built at factory. Actually, I've never seen an older rusted Lexus in the area.
  14. After 2 attempts to fix leak by Toyota dealer replaced pinion seal twice, leak still persists. Was advised, today, by dealer that he thinks leak is caused by clogged vent which would require 15 hours labor removing transfer case to get at the vent. He thought vent being clogged might cause high pressure causing leak through seal. Very disappointed that this may be the cause with vehicle having only 69,000 miles on speedo. Anyone else had this problem?
  15. So far Toyota dealer has been cooperative. Already has installed the seal twice. Still it leaks. I have another appointment with the dealer to attempt another fix. We did find TSB TC001-06 that recognizes the problem and advises the seal to be changed. The mechanic is a Toyota trained tech and he's done other work for me with complete satisfaction.
  16. Hope that's not the reason for the oil leaking. RX330 (2004) only has 69,000 miles on speedo.
  17. I have replaced 2 pinion seals in transfer case in my 2004 RX 330. Please post TSB TC 001-06 covering this issue. Thanks
  18. Please post Lexus Transfer Case leaking issue bulletin : TSB TC 001-06. I have replaced 2 pinion seals in my 2004 RX 330 at a Toyota dealer and still the leaking persists.
  19. 2004 RX 330 with Bridgestone Duler Alenza tires after 20K miles so noisy ear plugs would be helpful. Tire wear ok but the road noise is bad. Any other RX owners with this Bridgestone problem? Car was checked for mechanical problem, but none existed.
  20. Wow! Please describe the modifications made to your RX 330. Looks like dual exhausts. Any engine performance changes?
  21. My 2004 RX 330 has rear lift gate pistons which have the outer piston cylinder tips covered with rust and pealing paint. I expect the pistons would probably seize in the next year or two as salted roads are common in Western New York winters. Is this an easy aftermarket replacement procedure and where can the pistons be purchased. I would expect the job would be considerably more expensive if done by a dealer. .
  22. Have same year RX 330 with Bridgestone Duelers and can't wait to replace them due to loud road noise. Please post what tires you select and how they perform including comments about road noise. Any other Bridgesone dueler complaints from RX 330 owners about road noise would be interesting information.
  23. 2004 Rx 330 57,000 miles: Suprised that I never checked power stearing fluid level before but a driveway red oil drip between fron tires made me curious. To my dismay, the fluid resevoir is under a large plastic cover in the engine area. Removing the cover meant destroying 5 or 6 plastic fasteners before the hood can be removed to check the fluid level. What a rediculous set up that really discourages checking this important fluid. Had to seach around for new plastic fasteners. Power stearning Fluid level was ok at lower level but I plan to have dealer check where the small leak came from. Guess the leak can be from multiple sources, hope it is nothing serious. Any comment would be helpful.
  24. 1998 GS400 (100k speedo miles) coolant level moved down to low mark on plastic coolant tank since last top off 10,000 miles ago. No visible leakage on floor.Gas gauge registers half as always so the car probably does not overheat. 2 questions: 1.) should I consider that the coolant loss is from a leak or is that a normal occurrence after 10,000 miles since last top off of fluid from dealer? 2.) owners manual specifies 50/50 ethylene glycol based coolant and the coolant I purchased is as manual specifies except that coolant in my car is red and the product purchased is green. Will using the green coolant make any difference?
  25. The 2013 GS 350 (306 HP) is advertised as a strong performer; with performance specs. similar to the 1998 Gs 400. I Would like to know if the tech improvements in the new GS 350 with a V6 will really give the same great performance as the older V8 engine. Probably should exclude the V6 Hybrid in the comparison.
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