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  1. I started this thread because I searched the Forum and found nothing on this matter. I am the original owner of a 2007 LS460 with under 36K miles. Recently, my SRS (Airbag) warning light came on, but after I restarted the car it went off. However, shortly thereafter it came back on again, but it went off after I restarted the car. The last time it came on it stayed on. So I brought it in to the dealer 2 weeks ago to diagnose it. They provided me with a service loaner ES350 and I'm still waiting for their decision as to what, if anything, they will do. I discovered that on January 13, 2010, L
  2. While recently driving my 2007 LS460 (25K miles, with valve recall done) at around 40 mph I floored it to pass and the engine revved like it was in neutral for 3 or 4 seconds (seemed like forever) before the transmission engaged and downshifted, then caught up with the engine rpms, and finally started to accelerate. No other car I've ever driven has taken so long to downshift and accelerate, and I was worried that I might not be able to pass in time. This was unexpected and is a safety hazard. Apparently this is not an uncommon occurrence, as Lexus issued Technical Service Bulletin L-SB-0
  3. IMHO, of doubtful performance benefit except at highest rpms. Also, not worth the risk of filter oil contaminating air intake sensors. Paper filter is easier to change (toss the old one away; don't mess with cleaning/re-oiling K&N) and much cheaper - only $10.61 each:
  4. I was surprised that the OE Turanza EL42s on my 2007 LS460 lasted only 15,000 miles, as I expected Lexus to select a better quality tire. They were quiet and smooth-riding, but sloppy in hard cornering (which I expected). After much research on, I decided to buy the Michelin Pilot Sport A/S Plus from Costco. I've had them now for almost 5,000 miles and am very pleased. There is no apparent wear and they are extremely quiet and smooth riding, with much sharper turn-in and far better high-speed cornering than the previous Bridgestones. I highly recommend the Michelin Pilot Sport A/S
  5. Good point. We are encouraged to change our oil every 3-6 months, regardless of mileage, which I feel is ridiculous. What's the difference between oil sitting in a can on a shelf, and oil sitting in the crankcase in your garage? I change oil based on mileage only....usually every 5000 miles or so. The difference between oil in a can and oil in your crankcase is that there is no water in the oil in the can. Internal combustion produces carbon monoxide and water; you may even see some water coming out of your tailpipe. That water can get into your crankcase, and if it sits there long enou
  6. Oops! I already replied - see my August 2009 comments.
  7. I bought my 2007 LS460 new and now with just under 15K miles the OE Bridgestone Turanza EL42s are almost worn out. At 8K miles I noticed uneven wear and had the car aligned under warranty. The tires were rotated/balanced every 5,000 miles and I check the tire pressures regularly with both the TPMS and a digital gauge (34 lbs cold all around). Although they are smooth riding and quiet, I expected to get at least 25,000 miles out of them, even with only a 260 UTQG mileage rating. My next tires will be Michelin Pilot Sport A/S Plus with UTQG of 500 AA A and a manufacturer's treadwear warranty
  8. I've used Costco (Atlanta) gas in my 2007 LS460 for over 2 years with no problems. I'm sure that Costco qualifies all of its vendors and that they purchase gasoline only from reputable sources. Gasoline is a commodity that is highly regulated by the US Environmental Protection Agency. Here's the link: If your dealer lays the blame on "cheap" Costco gasoline, I think he is passing the buck.
  9. Didn't ebay disable any NEGATIVE feedback options a year or so ago? If all they allow a buyer to say is positive, the percentages would be pretty high alright. Whit PLEASE get rid of that made me barf!
  10. Here's my $0.02: "A penny saved is a penny earned." I understand your rationale, but I disagree. I can't justify spending almost 3 times as much at a Lexus dealer for the identical service from a Toyota dealer - it would be different if Lexus wasn't Toyota, but they're the same corporate entity. The Lexus "amenities" are nice - Starbucks coffee, USA Today, PC access, HDTV - but since I already had them before I left home, they're worth zip to me. Plus, my Toyota dealer is more convenient, being much closer to my home. The Lexus service might be worth a 25 or 30 percent upcharge, but 267%
  11. The HomeLink buttons inside your Lexus must first be initialized in order to be recognized by the rolling code receiver. But before you do so, you have to clear the HomeLink transmitter buttons in your Lexus by holding down the outside 2 buttons until the light above Button #2 flashes quickly. Then you can initialize each HomeLink button. Follow these steps: 1. Open your garage door and then unplug all of your garage door opener motors. 2. Next, get the remote control transmitter that came with the garage door opener #1 and go sit in your Lexus. 3. Hold the remote control transmitter next
  12. Much has been written on this matter. Do a Google search for LS460 wind noise tsb (technical service bulletin) and read all about it. I had all the factory fixes done on my 2007 LS460 (new laminated glass, etc) and it made a big difference, but there is some occasional wind noise above 60mph in a crosswind. Your 2008 was manufactured after the VIN #s affected by those TSBs. Try putting masking tape around the black triangular plastic trim piece next to your outside mirrors to seal the gaps and see if that makes any difference. Complain to your dealer; that worked for me.
  13. My friendly Lexus dealer charges only 47.99 for an oil/filter change with dino (non-synthetic) oil. What a deal! That's why I take my 2007 LS460 to my Toyota dealer, who has an internet coupon for an oil/filter change for only $17.95 for a V-8 using a genuine Toyota filter and conventional oil. It is the same filter used by Lexus. Lexu$; it not only sounds expensive...
  14. Ad removed from site. Fraud??? If it seems too good to be true...
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