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  1. 2009 Lexus ES350 for sale. 39900 miles. Dealer maintained, new tires, 8 months left on Lexus platinum warranty. Asking $18,000, will negotiate. Email
  2. They car has been sitting. Drivers seat motor makes a noise when moving. Can the motor be lubricated?
  3. I gave the truck bak to the dealer because they did the breaks. They said that the Emergency break springs and linkage broke. Cost to repair all parts $140. I have had many vehicles and never heard of such a thing. Has anyone else heard of a similiar situation? Could the Tech not of done the breaks correctly the first time?
  4. I have a 2000 LX 470 with 80k I recently got the breaks done. Back breaks seam to be sticking on drivers side only. rattle sound when going forward and shaking. No noise going backbards. Could the emergency break be out of adjustment? the lever has about an inch play before catching. Do the back break adjustments work independantly? The only other odd thing i had was the brake fluid above the MAX mark, which corrected itself after driving. Could it be a shim kit?
  5. I have a 2000 LX 470 80,000 miles I Just had the breaks done about 1000 miles ago. While driving the vehicle today my wife reported that the car started to shake and that the front end dipped down. When pulling up the emergency break lever their seams to be 1 inch of play prior to engaging. Has anyone had a similiar experience? Does anyone have any recomendations on what to check. Could the breaks of stuck when breaking?
  6. I had this problem at 36k. Two dealerships kept chasing sensors and changed them. I had the accumulators changed on the truck. This fixed the problem. Try changing the fluid in the AHC.
  7. Yes this is a big problem for the Toyota/Lexus family. I have owned 2 4Runners and my current 98 LX470 does the same thing! Even when the tires are road forced balanced the shimmy @ highway speed still exists. Though not as bad. BUT GET THIS. My mother is looking for a new car and we went and test drove a new 2008 4Runner with 25 miles on it and guess what. The steering wheel was shaking on the highway! WTF is up with that? There is obviously a problem??!?! I have a 2000 LX470 Low miles. I have 80,000 miles on the truck. I have been complaining about shaking and vibration since 34k. I got the new tires from the dealer, the wheel balancing and the alignment checked. The truck was always dealer maintained. They always said the truck was fine. I changed dealerships because improper maint. that caused an accumulator problem on my truck. I had the new dealership that is state of the art do the breaks and check the bearings on the truck that were supposed to be checked at the old dealership at 30k and 50k. The service advisor at the new dealership told me that the ball bearings fell out of one of the front wheels and that their was significant dammage to all surrounding parts. He called Lexus and they covered all parts. The vibration is gone and the truck rides like new. I would have them check the bearings and possibly try a new dealership.
  8. You need to torque the front bearings precisely and in an oddball way (torque inner locknut, then loosen and retorque to a different value, then torque outer locknut. I wouldn't trust a non-dealership. Is there a toyota dealer near you that is willing to service a lexus? By brakes needing to be done, what do you mean by that? Are your rotors worn too thin, or do you just need new pads? The amount of work to replace the front rotors is nearly the same as to repack the front wheel bearings since you have to remove the entire front hub assembly (inner bearing is BEHIND the hub). The only extra work to replace the rotors when doing a front bearing repack is to remove the 6 bolts attaching the rotor to the hub! So if you have to replace front rotors, get it done at one of the 30K service intervals (like 60K or 90K) since the front bearings are supposed to be repacked then. Jim, Thanks for your comments. The NEW dealer I am Trying called me and told me that the front bearings were shot, ball bearing actually fell out when they took the front rotors off. They told me they suspected the bearings having to be done because their was significant play in the front tires. The dealer got Lexus to help with all the parts associated with the front bearing failure and damage. I had to pay for labor. The cost to me for new pads and bearing work was $1350 tax included. The breaks alone were qouted at around $760. Local toyota dealer was not confident in doing the job. My ORIGINAL OLD Lexus Dealership shop advisor has told me that the bearings were fine at 30k and 60k. My personal opinion is that they did not do half the things they said they did in all the service trips to the shop. Its a shame that National Lexus is not able to hold the dealerships accountable for poor workmanship. Anyway, I feel confident enough with this new dealership that I am going ahead with a purchase of a new GX470. If I run into shop problems it will probably be my last Lexus/Toyota product.
  9. I have a 2000 with 80,000 miles on it. I had a vibration but only when braking. I just had the brakes done and upon the dealer checking the bearings in the front wheel hubs they found that one of the bearings had totally destroyed itself, a ball bearing actually fell out. The service advisor said never saw anything like it in his 14 years. The brakes have been done and the bearings replaced. The truck rides like a new car.
  10. Co any of the steering components above the brake pedal need lubrication? I hear a sqeaking sound when turning. Could be the rubber boot at the base of the steering shaft. Any input would be great.
  11. Thinking of purchasing a new one. Had trouble with AHC system on my LX. Any noted issues with this model?
  12. On occasion We hear a thump when starting fast from a stop. Driveshaft needs grease? How often should the Driveshaft be greased? What type of grease should be used? How musch should be used?
  13. I am ready for breaks on my 2000 lx 470 with 79,800 miles. I am going to try my 3rd lexus dealer with this job. The other two lexus dealers had poor workmanship(60k service AHC system,Timing Belt) What should it cost? The dealer is telling me that if their is no play in the front end the bearings do not have to be done. Is this the case? Would anyone trust a local non lexus shop with this work? All my major problems with this vehicle have come from lexus dealership errors. I am hoping to add a new GX470 as a second car but have been trying to find a decent lexus dealearship.
  14. If the coolant temp needle didn't go to hot, it's likely to be okay. How far did your wife drive it? There's a thermostat valve that controls the coolant flow from the engine into the radiator (hot coolant enters from the top, cooler coolant exits from the bottom of the radiator and into the engine). The thermostat doesn't even open until you've driven the car at least a few miles. Even if you start up a cold engine, crank the heater, the thermo is still closed even after the air is hot! I noticed this when trying to warm the engine up when flushing the block w/ distilled water. The coolant capacity on the LX is huge, 16 qts of which only about 6 qts is in the radiator, 2 qts in each of the two heater cores, leaving about 4 qts in each of the V-banks. I bet you could drive in normal moderate temps for short distances w/o a radiator at all and not overheat! keep in mind this vehicle is designed to drive offroad in 130F temps in Africa/Middle East w/ the AC on full and in 4wd low plus 7 passengers plus gear! Everytime I take I-10 from LA to Phoenix, there's this climb in the middle of the desert with a sign that warns drivers to turn off their AC for the next 6 miles uphill. In the LX, you can crank the AC, drive 80mph uphill, and the needle will not even budge off the center mark. Some guy recently rode in a LC/LX in the middle east in 120F and the needle never budged above the center. Your engine should be fine. Make sure to replace it w/ a 50-50 mixture of toyota red and distilled water (dealers use tap water...not good) or use the toyota pre-mixed coolant if you can get it. I would only worry if the engine ran out of oil. Now that WILL damage the engine! Thank you for your input. Not sure if it overheated my wife was driving and the lexus dealer drove it 40 miles to return it to us after the service. When I opened the radiator cap the radiator was empty. The overflow tank was at the low mark. No white spoke from exhaust at this time which I am told is a good sign. I sent a motor oil sample to a lab for analysis. The dealer said they would stand behind the motor because it was their fault.
  15. I have a 2000 LX 470 with 78 k . Just went through the accumulator problem a lexus dealer put the wrong fluid in the AHC system. Found a new lexus dealer to do the accumulators. Decided to have the timing belt and water pump done early as a proactive measure. The lexus shop mechanic did not put a clamp on the top hose coming out of the radiator and into the motor. The hose came off and dumped the fluid allover the street after my wife got finished driving it. I am hoping that most of the coolant fluid dumped in front of the house after she parked the car. Does anyone know if and how I can tell weather any damage was done to the motor. I donot recall low fluid lights coming on. I run mobil one oil in the vehicle. The dealer is telling me that the motor is fine.