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  1. Pictures of my adapter tray and coin holder. These items came installed from the dealer. I think they are stock on the 07 350. I did not see them listed on the Premium Plus package. You can also see the different ledges and diagonal divider in the adapter tray. This is what my original post was asking about. Why these shapes and sizes? Just getting fancy or is there some reason? Some specific function? Dave
  2. Press the talk button and say "Suspend Guidance" I thought it was "Delete Destination" Then it asks you to confirm. Dave
  3. I am attaching a picture of the Adapter Box with out the coin holder. The coin holder clips on the edge of the adapter tray. You can see in the picture on the right side there is a U shaped cut in the box. That is where my coin holder is. This is from the 2007 RX 350 Owner's Manual page 243. Dave
  4. Not sure what the other compartments are but the coin holder sounds good. My wife wants something to hold her coins, so far been sticking it in a small styrofome cup. Any pictures yet? Your RX 350 didn't come with a stock coin holder? I'll try to get pics this weekend. Dave
  5. I received an e-mail from Coastal Tech. They said the lockpick 3 will give me the phone options I want but they also said that MP3 is not a feature of any of their products. I thought that installing the lockpick would be like cutting the speed sensing wire and things that work when you are stationary would now work when you are moving. Can anyone who has LP3 on a NAV system (latest gen) verify this? Thanks, Dave
  6. I've been to the coastal tech web site and I am a little confused about which one to buy. I want: Bluetooth phone to function fully while in motion (dialing, phone book search etc.) MP3 audio file read & file select - full functionality while in motion Things I might want: Navigation input while in motion I do not care about: Pressing the "I agree" button (no big deal, press it once when I start the car) Will the basic version of LP3 get me the phone & audio options I want or must I upgrade to one of their other products? (plus or ultimate) Thanks, Dave
  7. I've seen pictures of this before. In the pictures they had a box of kleenex in the lower compartment and other junk (cell/etc) in the top compartment. I'd imagine that gives you a little extra space. You may be thinking of the $79 console seperator sold by L-tunedparts.com This is not the one I am asking about. I am attahcing the link to l-tuned & a picture... Link to Console Seperator by L-Tuned Parts 1_1_.bmp I am talking about the stock box. It has a coin holder and in front of that a compartment that is divided in two with a slightly diagonal divider that only goes half as deep as the compartment. There is also a small ledge with a lip sort of like a business card holder. I'll take a picture and post it when I get a chance. Thanks, Dave
  8. I'm just a newbie to Lexus myself but from what I've read regarding upgrading the NAV DVD from ver. 5.x to 6.1 it will also update the firmware. In fact, there used to be a service mode in version 5 that allowed you to use many of the functions that get blocked out while the car is in motion. When those users upgraded they lost the service mode because the firmware was also upgraded and Lexus removed it. . My understanding is that the firmware upgrade is part of the DVD. Some guys have got around this by creating a hybrid DVD. They made a copy of the old generation 5 disc but copied the newer maps from the gen. 6 disc. This preserved the older firmware but gave them newer maps. So don't throw away your current DVD! How much does it upgrade? Will it give you all the bells and whistles that your wife's car has? I don't know. In 2010 when you upgrade it may all be different! All I can tell you is that my 07 RX 350 with NAV Gen 6 will allow me to enter phone numbers manually if I am stationary but it gets blocked while I am in motion. However, while I am in motion I can enter manual phone numbers via voice command. Hope that helps, Dave
  9. I am a man and just purchased an RX350 . My wife really likes the car but prefers her 05 Odyssey for carting the kids around. My wife's family (2 brothers-in-law and 1 sister-in-law) already purchased RX330s or 350s before I bought mine. I was considering either this car or a BMW 530i. The RX won out because I fly RC helicopters & planes and the BMW's trunk was not big enough. Dave
  10. I saw a cargo tray at WalMart for about $20. It was made by CaseLogic. I found a picture on the web and I'll try to add it here....we'll see if it shows up. Dave
  11. I have an 07 RX 350 with the NAV package but not the ML sound system. Please bear with me; I am Sat Radio illiterate. I understand that the head unit is XM capable but I'm not sure what else I will need or what my options are. I am guessing that I will need to buy and install a seperate tuner and antenna. I am also guessing that it must be XM and not Sirius unless I but a 3rd party adapter like the Vais SoundLinQ. If I go to the dealer it will probably cost big bucks. Are there any DIY or aftermarket options? Must I go XM or will a Sirius tuner work with out an adpater (Vais)? In all honesty, I will probably go the route of least resistance....that is the least resistance from my wife and CFO! :chairshot: read as "least expensive route" Thanks, Dave
  12. Just filled up this morning. This was the 3rd time I put gas in the tank since I bought it. I averaged 21 MPG for a combination of city and hwy driving. My hwy driving is a lot of bumper to bumper stop and go so it's hard to say how much is really city and how much is hwy. BTW, the computer also said 21 :) Dave
  13. Not sure what input you are looking for since you already ordered your car and judging by the date of your post you probably already picked it up. I was going to say that that $44146. price sounds like a 2007 sticker price (that's what mine was) and I thought the 08's were a little higher. I was going to say that if you go with that one be sure it's an 08. Anyway, I really love mine. It's an 07 but it's less than a month old. Dave
  14. My new RX 350 has a removable tray in the center console box. The manual refers to this as an "Adapter Tray". Yeah, it converts a single larger compartment into smaller ones but I was wondering if anyone knows what it was specifically designed for? Thanks, Dave
  15. They ran the "Add-on" gambit with me too - Extended warranty (several programs) Tire purchase program Paint protection LoJack Others I can not remember