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  1. Hey Flop sorry to hear about your baby. No one got hurt I assume? I know how you feel though, I remember when my sister had the accident in my GS, man I loved that car. I was praying that they would try and fix it, but it turns out that they totalled it out. I wasn't sure I'd find another car that I'd bond with the same way. But I was lucky to find my LS and I'm in love with it. Best of all I don't owe anything on it, so it was probably a blessing in disguise. Good luck man :)


  2. that picture you posted above, is that from the gauge cluster or the manual? The pic shows black icon against white background- in the gauge cluster, it should be yellow icon with black background.

    Yeah, most likely though, your sensor is corroded for the auto-leveling system... Just pop out the bulb in the gauge cluster. If your headlights are aimed too low, manually adjust the height via the adjustment screws behind the headlights.

    Alternatively, you could have it repaired or change the sensor if that is the problem, and continue to have headlights that adjust according to charge. I generally do not 'hide' a problem by removing the indication of it, but by solving the root cause. Otherwise, it is like breaking the thermometer so as to not see you have fever....

    LOL agreed :D