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  1. I'm not sure where it happened exactly but as I walked by the front of my 98 GS400 somthing didn't look right....some piece if !Removed! stole my foglights! Anyone know where I can get a new set and about how much they will cost? I didn't see any wires cut or bulbs hanging so what else might have been taken and will I need to replace the lenses? Thanks in advance, Carmen
  2. I placed a similar post about a month ago and it disappeared. I took my GS400 to Lexus for an oil change and said by the way change my headlight bulb that was out. When I went to pick the car up the service person said he was sorry and told me it would cost over $400 to replace and asked me if I still wanted it or should they take it out. I told them to take it out and eventually had them replace it because I couldn't find on on my own. Two days later I took it back in because I noticed the new light was yellow not white/blue and it did not match the original (remaining) light. They told me th
  3. Went to Lexus for maintenance on my GS400 and needed a Xenon HID bulb replaced.... they wanted to charge almost $300 for the bulb Plus labor. Can this be correct? :o
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