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  1. it could very well be the rear main... make sure that it isn't dripping from somewhere higher up... I'd be suprised if it wasn't dripping then all of the sudden started coming out at a noticeable pace, also, mobil 1 and synthetic oils are fantastic and I swear by them. However, they are also thinner so it's easier for them to get through small spaces and leak.... there greatest asset is their greatest downfall.... Do an inspection and see if you can find oil anywhere else above it, if not then wipe it all off/clean it up (check your oil level) and start the car for a minute and watch underneat
  2. so as you can see by the topic I just recently purchased a rx 300 for my wife. It's white with the tan interior and it's beautifull... This is my first Lexus and I can see that there is some great info on here! I'm a moderator on another forum for Accords so I'm not new to the whole forum thing and have read through a lot of the posts already but what I didn't see is information about the engine. Is this motor used in any other vehicles? so If I go looking for parts am I stuck to this particular SUV or can I look at other's?
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