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  1. My car starte to overheat toay. I had steam comming from the passager side. I looked but I cant see a hose that would be leaking. Is there a hose somewhere behind the motor? I am sure hoping that the head isnt cracked :( :( :(
  2. My shifter handle is worn out. The sun killed it thanks to arizona heat. The leather is thrashed on it. Does anyone know how to remove it? Also, does anyone know where to get one? My car is a 91 thx,lexx
  3. I had the same problem and i changed the control arm bushings an no luck. then I changed the struts and still no luck. I finally looked uner the front end an I noticed that my swaybar mount bushings were trashed! I changed them and the noise was gone. i spent 200 bucks in patrs and come to find out it was $15 bushings So check your swaybar bushigs Lexx
  4. Ok I finally fixed my car after running around all day and trying to work my regular job. I found a mass air flow meter here in phoenix for $175. I put it on and still the same problems. i looked down by the powersteering pump and "BAM" 2 wires(white and red) was starring me right oin the face cut. I pulled half of my car apart on the passanger side to see where the wires went. low and behold, it was the cam position sensor. I mad my manager drive to the lexus dealer and by me another one. I got a 20% discount on the part, so it ended up costing me $111.00. I put that part on and she now pur
  5. Does anyone know where to get a mass air flow sensor cheaper than a dealer. Michael
  6. I just started up my car and I unplugged the mass airflow sensor and the idling characteristics performed a little better. When I pluged the sensor plug back in the rough idle came in immediately. I am really thinking the mass airflow meter is junk. I was reading some books at work(autozone) and it states that some vehicles intergrade the intake air temp sensor in the mass airflow meter as well. Michael
  7. Ok I looked up the codes on the net and I found them. Now my next question is where do I start? this is what the codes mean. code 13-Rpm signal code 24-Intake air temperature signal code 31-Airflow meter signal(vacume sensor signal) Can someone please help??????? :( :( thx Michael
  8. Hey guys, I was driving today and all of a sudden my 91 ls started sputtering and dieseling. If I nail the gas it does it and then it goes away at high rpm.It idles rough as well. It died once but I started it back up and it continued to run. i just pulled the codes and this is what it read. 13,24,31. Could someone please tel me what they mean? thanks Michael
  9. Does anyone know where I canget that bodykit. I have almost a identical car except my rims are 18" spinners. I think that car looks b***hin'. Michael
  10. Sorry for all the posts guys. I have been looking for things to help all of us here. I know we have been struggling to find stuff without going to the dealer. So heres something else I found. Let me know what you guys think,Lexx
  11. Also, He sells the instrument cluster repair kits. Lexx
  12. I know we have been dealing with the climate control screen plague. I found this on ebay lastnight and i want to know if anyone has bought through this guy or what. Lexx
  13. What do you guys think about this? Do you think this will fit? I am thinking about using the aluminum adapter and using the same style filter but in K&N. Would this set up work? Lexx
  14. What do you guys think about these? I am really interested in this kit. Also, it is pcocket freindly :D Do you guys know anybody that has tried these? Lexx
  15. i ordered my 18" with a 38mm off set and they fit perfect. If you have any questions contact MHT wheels. that is the company that made my spinning wheels.My wheels are 18x8.5 and no problems here. If you need halp let me know. Lexx
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